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Help Those in Need


Our hearts go out to all those involved in today’s disasters in Colorado and Washington. Only by coming together as a community will we endure the hardest of times. Please donate to a reputable charity, and help those in need.

American Red Cross

GITV Exclusive Interview with John Lu

John Lu, the producer of some of the largest MILSIM airsoft operations across America, was kind enough to take time out of his busy day to sit down and have a chat with me. Sit back as we discover the roots of Operation Lion Claws, Operation Irene, and so many more!

Echo 1 Red Star AKM Video Review


New Airsoft GI G4 Models with Tight Bore Barrel and Red Dot Sight!

The new Airsoft GI G4 Series AEGs are off to a great start. The current guns are increasing in popularity, but now, take a look at these great new models:

The new G4-A1 MOD 0, very similar to the G4-A1. However, the flip sights were removed and replaced with the red dot scope for better target acquisition. The free float RIS was exchanged for a different type of mid length. Same great value with a fresh new look and pre-accessorized out of the box.

Now, the new G4-A5, the URX Style Free float is solid, and provides even more real-estate for accessories and can accommodate for more shooting styles. Also, the URX RIS has the front flip sight built into it.

Finally, the new G4-A5 DMR, same base as the previous gun but this one has a different one piece outer barrel, low profile gas block and 6.03mm Tight Bore Barrel! This thing is made for long range so we threw a tight bore in there so you can reach out and touch the enemy.


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