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Madbull Continues Their Campaign of Awesomeness!!


Noveske Gas Block (2 styles), Daniel Defense Low Profile Gas Block and PWS FSC 556.

Gas Block is for real gun to direct gas from barrel to the bolt.

Airsoft gun use Gas Block as a decoration items. It will make your AEG look more authentic!

All MadBull products are licensed from real gun companies. It is 1:1 scale without function.
Licensed by Noveske, Daniel Defense, and PWS

The G4’s Verstility Knows No End!

A simple swap of the upper receiver transforms your G4 into a whole new BEAST!

You Asked for It! Now Here it Is!

We get numerous requests to film a game with the employees, so we did. Enjoy!

Madbull Airsoft PWS Diablo now Available in Dark Earth!


PWS Diablo Dark earth edition available at the same time.
This Dark Earth color is based on the U.S. SOCOM approved dark earth color.
The Dark Earth color is the most popular camo color (for weapon) recently and can fit on your “black color” M4 metal easily.
Quantity is limited.

See the Real PWS In Action!

PWS on Echo 1
PWS on Echo 1