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Like I have mentioned before, safety and respect are Airsoft GI’s primary concern. Over the years, I have seen many airsofters (even real steel shooters) neglect the basic firearm safety rules. I have heard statements such as “oh, it’s unloaded,” and “calm down, it’s only an airsoft gun.” Since we are creatures of habit, if we neglect the basic safety rules on airsoft guns (or any replica firearms), those bad habits will transfer to real firearms.

With the airsoft sport growing, along with the replica gun tragedies happening across the nation, there are going to be stricter laws to regulate airsoft. It is up to us (the airsoft community) to inform all airsofters (and their parents) to promote and practice gun safety. It does not matter if it is an airsoft gun, real gun, or even a transparent water gun. Treat all gun shaped objects as if they are real firearms. There are 5 basic life safety rules that all airsofters and real steel shooters must follow.


Airsoft GI’s Hatch Review Extravaganza!

We take a look at the Hatch Hard Knuckle Reactor Gloves, the XTAK Knee Pads, and the XTAK Elbow Pads.

Don’t Ever Put Your Goggles On Your Face Without Protection!

Having protection is apart of being Revision Ready.  Get Revision Ready at Airsoft GI!

Mechanix M-Pact 2 Video Review

This is a thorough review of the Mechanix M-Pact 2 tactical gloves.

Hatch Corp. Tactical Gear now at Airsoft GI!

Airsoft GI is now stocking Hatch Corporation gear to bring you the some of the best tactical use gear in the world. Hatch has become a leader in the law enforcement glove market since 1967. They have used their experience in gloves to create other protective/tactical gear for uniformed duty, tactical, corrections, military, industrial safety/medical rehabilitation personnel. Hatch products are designed with the performance needs of the professional end user in mind (, and now it’s all available for you at

These Hatch hard Knuckle Gloves are the ultimate protection for your hands. A hard plastic plate covers the knuckles and additional Kevlar padding is on the outside of each finger. The palm is 100% leather with extra padding on the hand where recoil is felt. Also, there is a leather ring around the trigger finger of each glove near the first knuckle so the finger can be cut without fraying the rest of the glove ( if you prefer to shoot that way ).

We also have Hatch’s high quality knee pads, available in black, tan, and olive drab.  The Hatch Centurion Knee Pads are possibly the best value for money in regards to knee protection. The 1/2″ high density foam is wrapped in Cordura Nylon to provide impact protection while still keeping a slim design to prevent from hindering movement. The rubber non-slip cap provides extra shock protection and is riveted to the knee pad for durability and flexibility. The 2″ elastic straps are adjustable with Velcro strips and fasten with a friction lock buckle.