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New GI TV Videos are up

G&G Xtreme45

Be advice: We only recommend this pistol for target practice.
The G&G Full Metal Xtreme 45 CO2 Airsoft Gun is G&Gs first airsoft pistol. This is a very unique and highly effect pistol from G&G, as if you would expect anything else. It’s a blowback pistol but the slide does not make a full cycle, it only moves about 1″. The slide is restricted from moving all the way back because the firing system is made stationary, and the only reason the slide moves at all is to reset the hammer. Since the gas system, the magazine, and the chamber don’t move at all this gun is extremely powerful/accurate/and efficient. In addition to these great performance features G&G has also given the Xtreme45 a railed lower frame to mount lasers and/or flashlights. G&G’s first pistol is very impressive, it will be interesting to see what they come up with next.


The Magpul Magpul is a very simple device that makes a huge difference during play. Having a Magpul on the end of your magazine makes reloading quick and easy. Sometimes the difference between the winner and loser is only a couple of seconds…

Lets Talk Molle…

Just a quick video the versatility and importance of molle, and my opinion on why its superior to other types of vests.

3 New Echo1 Guns available next week at

e1 m8a3
e1 m8a3

Price: 215.00

e1 m4 cqb xk
e1 m4 cqb xk

Price: 190.00

e1 er25k
e1 er25k

Price: 295.00

The internals are completely upgraded from the older models; it promises more power and reliability.  They will come with a 30 days factory warranty.  As for the price?  We will give you an example on the M8A3.

Based model: JG M4 Enhanced ( it comes with one piece outer barrel, but not the Stag Arms Licensed receiver and the cool selector markings)  150.00

10 Inch free floating ris unit: 80.00

Flip up front and rear sights: 50.00

That is a total of 280.00, plus 45.00 labor to put the whole thing together.

Now, for a self built M8A3.  You are looking at 325.00.  Some might argue that hey, I still have the original front sight, the hand guard and carrying handle left over.  Uhhh, you just paid “110.00” for those parts and you still can’t put the battery in the battery box (because you will still need to buy one).

Now, all you need to do is go to and pick up one of this slick sexy machine without getting your hand dirty for merely ” 215.00 “.

News from Madbull “MadBull Shotgun shells available now”

Madbull shotgun shell
Madbull shotgun shell


Finally, MadBull Shotgun shells for Airsoft available now!

First available: 6MMx6 BB shells (5 shells in one box)

(Suitable to Green Gas, Propane, Red Gas, CO2)

For Tanaka, Airsoft Surgeon, G&P Airsoft Shotguns.

NOTE: Don’t apply to real gun or it will be damaged real gun chamber.

Shotgun shell for real gun training will be available soon.

No estimated price for this puppy at this moment.

Want to learn how to load your M4 high cap magazines?

Want to learn how to load your M4 high cap magazines?