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Preupgraded Bolt Action Sniper – Modify M24

We have had a lot of questions asking us what is so different about the Modify M24 pre-upgraded sniper rifle. Marq and Tim decided to open it up and show you the reinforced parts that make this gun more affordable and a great buy because all the better parts are already inside. Be sure to check it out at our website!

Modify M24

Javelin Gun Works Review is Now Live!

Javeline M14
Javelin M24

The Javelin Gun Works Full Metal M24 Spring Sniper Rifle is an awesome example of a high power, high quality airsoft gun, that won’t break the bank
The stock is made from a high quality polymer that helps save weight but also provides a solid chassis for the gun. The bolt and lever are made of metal for durability over other cheaper models with plastic bits in the lever. The barrel is also made of metal to replicate the real M24’s barrel. The butt stock pad is adjustable to fit with different shooter’s comfort level. There are sling attachment points on the front and rear of the stock, there is also a bipod swivel near the front where you can attach a bipod for a long stable shot. The magazine holds 15 rounds and is very easy to change because it’s designed to pop right out the magazine well when released. The M24 is a widely used rifle across the United States in both the military and law enforcement agencies, and now a very reasonably priced M24 is available to the world of airsoft!

Even though this is a great gun out of the box it can still be made even better with APS2 upgrade parts! Our master tech Frank has tested APS2 upgrade parts in this M24 and they perform flawlessly. If you’re ready to be deadly from long range then you have to check out the Javelin Works M24.

Manufacturer: Javelin Gun Works
Muzzle Velocity: ~450 FPS
Magazine Capacity: 15 rounds
Package Includes: gun, magazine

Polymer Stock
Adjustable Butt Pad
Metal Construction
Top Scope Rail
APS2 Upgrade Compatible

New What Else Is There? Bolt Action Sniper Rifles!