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Which Curve is the Curviest?

What do ladies and airsoft guns have in common? Well for starters, they both have curves, they both can be fun to have around, and they both can potentially be very expensive. Both require time and money, both of which aren’t exactly in huge abundance as your average teen!

One problem we, at Airsoft GI, know that teenagers face is the daunting task of finding time for all their activities. Between school, hobbies, homework, and the opposite gender, there just isn’t enough time to do everything we want to do. How does one balance the amount of time needed to enjoy your hobby and socialize with the opposite sex? What if it came down to just two simple choices for one evening: Airsoft… or a date with a lady? (more…)

Exciting New Products Update

The ICS L86 Support Weapon is a masterfully constructed AEG.


Rico has developed a high intensity energy efficient LED Weapon Light, the EVO 2

Evo 2
Evo 2

The Novak Next is HERE!

Novak Next

Madbull has an Awesome New Silencer/Tracer!

MADBULL Revolutionary Tracer Silencer:
– 100% built by our EE team. Develop from scratch.
– Max. sensitivity: 35 BB/ sec (the best in the market)
– Low battery consumption 3 AAA rechargeable;
– 1/2 less current than TM latest model;
– USB connector;
– Low price

This is a prototype. More “secret” features and functions will be available soon.

New Airsoft GI TV Videos!

These are all hot off the press:

A BB jam is a common thing, but it doesn’t have to be serious.  If not resolved properly a BB jam can lead to severe gearbox trouble.  This video will show you how to unjam your barrel and clean it to avoid futur jams.

This next video is a small demonstration about the UTG LED Tactical Flashlight and how useful flashlights are when playing airsoft.