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3 Bag Bulk BB Bargains!

One can never have enough ammunition…

You can buy all the airsoft guns and gear in the world, but you’ll always need BB’s to fuel your plastic rage!

At Airsoft GI, you can buy BB’s in three bag bundles, allowing you to save roughly 10-15% on your BB purchases. This discount also stacks with out coupon codes, so in the end, you’re effectively getting these BB’s at about 20-30% off!

Bulk BB Bargains

Budget Friendly AK Choices

Continuing in our series of budget minded guns, we present to you four different options that are under 150$ that are ready to get out and play and good buys for beginning airsofters.

Lancer Tactical AK74U

CYMA AK47S Tactical

D Boy FM Real Wood RK-10

Echo 1 AK-47 RIS

Zombie Apocalypse Training With Bob, Aaron, and CJ – Destroying Bleeding Zombie Targets

Bob, Aaron and CJ got to test out one of our new bleeding zombie targets, and had a blast doing it. Check it out!

Airsoft GI – Lancer Tactical FAL Tactical and FAL Carbine Full Metal AEG Airsoft Guns

Airsoft GI – Ashbury Precision Ordnance ASW338LM Bolt Action

And check out some of our awesome new products to help prepare yourself for a zombie apocalypse!

CA P90 TR Airsoft Gun ( OD / Sportline / Value Package )

VFC Full Metal M16A4 (E-Series) w/Socom Gear Daniel Defense Omega 12″ RIS Airsoft Gun

Lancer Tactical M4 CQBR MK18 Airsoft Gun (Sport Class)

Lancer Tactical M4 CQB Airsoft Gun (Sport Class)

Socom Gear 24K Gold Plated M1911 Government Classic Airsoft Gun (Limited Edition w/Unique Serial Numbers)

Socom Gear Full Metal Baer 1911 Ultimate Recon GBB Pistol Airsoft Gun w/Rail (CO2 Ready / Golfball Grips)

Socom Gear Full Metal Baer 1911 Ultimate Recon GBB Pistol Airsoft Gun w/Rail (CO2 Ready / Streamline Grips)

Elite Force Full Metal 1911A1 Airsoft Gun

Madbull Daniel Defense 7″ FSP Omega X RIS Unit for M4 (Black)