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3 Bag Bulk BB Bargains!

One can never have enough ammunition…

You can buy all the airsoft guns and gear in the world, but you’ll always need BB’s to fuel your plastic rage!

At Airsoft GI, you can buy BB’s in three bag bundles, allowing you to save roughly 10-15% on your BB purchases. This discount also stacks with out coupon codes, so in the end, you’re effectively getting these BB’s at about 20-30% off!

Bulk BB Bargains

KWA AKG-74M Preorder!

KWA AKG-74M is now available for preorder at Airsoft GI! Pick it up now, and we’ll mail it to you the moment that it comes in!


ATP Auto!

The tight corners and room to room engagements that are bound to happen at Tim vs Bob 5 at GamePod Combat Zone are the perfect scenario for a full auto pistol like the ATP auto.  Check this thing out and get your tickets to TvB5 before they’re all gone!

TvB5 Tickets

ATP Auto

The Marks are In the Building!

The KWA Mark Series Pistols that is…