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My thoughts on the Javelin M24

Well to start off my name is Aaron Zidich, I have been with Airsoft GI for Almost a year starting from the ground up. I started working at Airsoft GI after being in the Airsoft community for nearly 4 years. A simple gift of a KWA M18C for my 16th birthday started me on my long and adventurous Airsoft Career. I started tinkering and taking apart any gun that I could get my hands on. In the beginning most of my guns ended up turning into infamous “shoebox guns”, but slowly I started figuring out the operations of the guns and my closet full of shoeboxes slowly turned into a closet of built Airsoft guns.
Now don’t let me convince you that I am some master Airsoft tech, I am far from that. I just love learning and exploring any thing that comes my way.
So late 2009 rolls around and I was deep into the Airsoft hobby, most of the guns that I had in my early years were sold off and I moved more into a specialized role. The Magpul bug really hit me and I dropped my CIRAS and 40 pounds of gear. I got heavily into upgraded sniper rifles for a short time but quickly found my niche, which was CQB. I really love CQB and I do to this day. I love the fast paced, heart pounding action. I currently run a converted KWA SR5, Tokyo Marui M17, geared with Bladetech pouches and a Safariland holster. Well, that’s it for me, if you ever have any questions just ask!

So lets get started with my first review!
Javelin M24
When I picked up the Javelin M24 the first thing I noticed was its weight and feel. Compared to other sniper type rifles around this price range, this gun takes replica to a whole other level. The adjustable stock really provides a great addition to the gun adding more of a “precision feel”. The sling mounts seem reliable and I wouldn’t second guess slinging the rifle and running a marathon with it. A small but great feature of the gun is the magazine. When I ran a JG BAR 10, I always seemed to fumble with the mag catch and would have to pry the magazine out. On the Javelin works M24 the catch is very easy to engage and the mag pops out with a almost spring like action. Another feature of this gun that really surprised me was the ease that the user can manipulate the bolt. Spring guns that shoot around 450 usually have a difficult bolt pull. That is not the case at all with the Javelin Works M24. The bolt pull is smooth and lock backs very crisply.
The Trigger box on this gun is also notable. It looks well made and doesn’t show excess flashing. The piston sear catches at 90 degrees, making the trigger pull very light and increasing the overall life of the trigger box. Overall I would say this gun is a great buy and has a lot of upgrade potential with APS2 parts.

Javelin M24
Javelin M24