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How to be an Operator.

How do we operate like this operationally operator here?


  1. Wear Operator Hat & slim fit shirt (operator like)
  2. Grow Operator Beard & High Speed Plate Carrier (getting warmer)
  3. Get Operator Weapon, complete with bayonet, and duct tape, and pew pews. (Operator Status Achieved)
  4. Become a Operator Alcoholic (Operator Overload)
  5. Get Operator Chicks (Optimum Operator Overload)

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Airsoft GI How It Works – AEG and Spring Bolt Action

Airsoft GI 101 Tutorials

These tutorial videos will walk you through the basic operations of the Airsoft GI website and answer some frequently asked questions.  This is only the beginning, more to come: