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New Madbull Accessory: COBRA Series Trigger Guards Licensed by Strike Industries

Featuring unique ready-position finger rests for your trigger finger.

Cobra Series trigger guards are designed as direct replacements to the standard AR trigger guard. These trigger guards feature a deeper angle rather than a straight linear line.
This gives the operator more room when wearing gloves and for cold weather environments, as well as eliminating the dreaded gap between the pistol grip and trigger guard.

Note that these licensed versions of the Cobra Series trigger guards are specifically manufactured to fit Airsoft rifles.

Another Helpful Airsoft GI 101 Video – M4 Hand Guard Installation

This video kills three birds with one stone. It will walk you through how to install a mini battery in to standard M4 carbine hand guards, it will teach you how to take off both the top and bottom hand guards, and show you how to re-install the Magpul MOE M4 Hand Guards. Watch and learn:

Limited Edition Airsoft GI G4 SP

The SP is a new G4 model that won’t last long. It features a smooth hand guard to cater to the sport competition shooting look, a great looking alternative for those who prefer not to have RIS rails.