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How to be an Operator.

How do we operate like this operationally operator here?


  1. Wear Operator Hat & slim fit shirt (operator like)
  2. Grow Operator Beard & High Speed Plate Carrier (getting warmer)
  3. Get Operator Weapon, complete with bayonet, and duct tape, and pew pews. (Operator Status Achieved)
  4. Become a Operator Alcoholic (Operator Overload)
  5. Get Operator Chicks (Optimum Operator Overload)

Don’t Ever Put Your Goggles On Your Face Without Protection!

Having protection is apart of being Revision Ready.  Get Revision Ready at Airsoft GI!

GITV Blooper Reel

The Top 10 Funniest moments that I’ve captured on camera, some of which have never been aired…