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Spring Pistol Gameplay

Who says you can’t have fun with low cost airsoft guns?
Here at GI we get tired from time to time of the high rate of fire guns. So we decided to mix it up a bit and try our hand at something a little more “Skill” based type of game with spring pistols. Take a look and if you want to have fun with your friends for very cheap take a look at our spring pistol section.

Spring Pistol Section

Operation Northern Lights Gameplay Footage

A couple months ago, AirsoftGI gave away some of our Operation Northern Lights tickets to a team that was closer to the event and sent them our cameras. Here is some highlights of happened. Are you interested in attending a Midwest or East Coast Lionclaws Event? Airsoft GI will periodically send out a fireteam (4 men) to attend these events in our place, and will usually have a competition to determine who goes. Stay tuned to our Facebook in order to find out when we hold these competitions!


Army Birthday Combat Experience Footage

This past weekend, Tim had the opportunity to go play at Lion Claws Army Birthday military simulation game over at Blue Cloud Movie Ranch. Out on the field with him were Jet from Desert Fox Airsoft, LevelCap, from LevelCapGaming, and Chris from Warfighter Airsoft. It was pretty hot outside, yet they battled on and had a pretty good time!

Level Cap Gaming

Warfighter Airsoft

Desert Fox Airsoft

Miracle Barrels