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Assassin Pistol Upgrade from Madbull now for M9!

So many Airsoft players email us and request for assassin barrel kits for M9.
So, we come out this wonderful kits for owners of SOCOMGEAR / WE M9 / M9A1.

Complete barrel set with inner barrel, outer barrel, outer barrel set and hopup
Steel threads for dummy suppressor (Gemtech Outback and Blackside are suggested)
235mm 6.03 MadBull world famous tight bore barrel.


Madbull has an Awesome New Silencer/Tracer!

MADBULL Revolutionary Tracer Silencer:
– 100% built by our EE team. Develop from scratch.
– Max. sensitivity: 35 BB/ sec (the best in the market)
– Low battery consumption 3 AAA rechargeable;
– 1/2 less current than TM latest model;
– USB connector;
– Low price

This is a prototype. More “secret” features and functions will be available soon.