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Tactical Mystery Box MK2!

The Tactical Essential Mystery Box Version 2 is our second tactical mystery box for 2013. Look at this mystery box from a mathematical stand point. There are 124 boxes available and 70 of them contain a product that’s worth more than what you are paying! Technically all of the boxes are worth more than what you pay if you use a discount coupon to buy the box. Not to mention that this box contains the KWA H&K MP7 and a plethora of Condor products! The Tactical Essential Mystery Boxes are on sale for $58.00, for that price you are guaranteed at least $58.00 worth of merchandise, but more than 55% of you will receive something more valuable in your box. So let’s recap, you pay $58.00 and you’re guaranteed at least $58.00 worth of product, some lucky individuals will get much more than what they paid! What have you got to lose?

This mystery box will go live TODAY at 18:00 (6:00PM) Pacific Standard Time.