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Fusion Engine in a Nerf Gun?!

This airsoft gun will certainly draw heads.

The guys at Bingo Airsoftworks have put put a Fusion Engine inside of a Nerf gun! This is the Nerf Vulcan, which has been custom converted to fire BB’s instead of the normal nerf rockets. This guy has a functional box magazine that can hold up to 4000 BBs, and has some upgraded accuracy internals too.


Would you be interested in a custom fitted fusion engine installed into something that isn’t an airsoft gun? How about a Ninentdo Super Scope? Or perhaps a giant Super Soaker? Comment below!

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Bingo Airsoftworks

Polarstar at Operation Broken Home II

American Milsim’s Operation Broken Home II was an awesome event at D-Day Paintball in Wyandotte, OK. What makes this event especially great? There were helicopter gun runs! Not that many Operations out there can claim that. Here are some preview pics from the video. Polarstar put together this awesome video for everyone to watch.

Aerial View of the AO
Helicopter Gunner
Humvee Ride

Polarstar Airsoft