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Fake Guns a Real Headache – A Lesson In Gun Safety

Check out this article on regarding an altercation that occurred between an police and a man with an airsoft gun.

In the scenario listed in the article, a suspicious man was approached by a police officer. The man reportedly announced and attempted to reach for a gun. The officer was able to disarm the man, and fought with the officer for five minutes before a second officer was able to come. The two officers were able to make an arrest on the man.

A Real Walther PPK

Further inspection of the gun was disarmed from the man turned out to be a Walther PPK airsoft gun. Naturally, the required orange tip was non existent. The officer reported that the pistol looked and felt very real and he was very worried that if he had lost the fight, he may have had to face the deadly weapon.

A Maruzin Walther PPK Airsoft Pistol by Umarex

While this situation resulted in no injuries or fatalities, a major concern for Lincoln Police Chief Jim Peschong is that using or brandishing an airsoft gun can escalate a situation into use of deadly force.

What is the lesson we learn here as airsoft players?

Use your airsoft guns responsibly, and do not brandish them at ANYONE. By doing so, whatever tense situation is at hand will only be made far worse by the introduction of an airsoft gun. In a high stress situation, your airsoft gun will be mistaken for a real firearm, and the response from the public, and the police, will be appropriate for a firearm.

It is up to US to show the public that we can be responsible individuals. Please exercise all gun safety rules, and treat your airsoft gun like a real firearm.

Airsoft Gun Bags

Journal Star Article

Lancer Tactical PDW’s are back with a new look!

The Knight’s Armament PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) is a great looking compact and lightweight gun issued primarily to non-offensive combat infantry such as vehicle crews, artillery troops, and other support units. It’s folding stock and integrated quad rail system allows for the attachment of most tactical accessories makes it a great close quarters weapon.

The Lancer Tactical PDW, which is now licensed by Knight’s Armament Company, is a fantastic replica of this PDW. Coming in at $108, you’re picking up a skirmish ready AEG with great looks to boost. The gearbox is a standard version 2, which means that this gun is capable of having most internal upgrades installed. Along with a durable polymer body, this AEG has both internal and external quality for a very affordable price.

Check it out here!

The Magpul PDR-c Is Now at Airsoft GI!

We received the PDR-c late last night. It will be up on our website soon for pre-order and you’ll be seeing a lot of it on GITV to come so stay tuned!

SOCOM Gear Transfer to Madbull

Announcement from SOCOMGEAR and MadBull

SOCOMGEAR will stop producing all handguard rails, including Daniel Defense and PWS Diablo rails

These products will move to MadBull Taiwan facility and made under MadBull’s brand.

We will try our best to keep the price same as before. Plus, adding our new anodized technology (Level 2-3) to reproduce these rails in Taiwan.

There will be 30 days gap to get these handguard rails done. Please kindly wait for our new production and shipment.

Thanks for your support!


MadBull Airsoft

SOCOM Gear is on a Roll with their new AEGs!

First up, the SOCOM Gear Barrett Version 2:

Finally, the Officially Licensed Noveske and Daniel Defense AEGs: