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Customer War Story – Alec Sullivan

“Mid-Winter, freezing my ass off in 15 degrees, still having a great time playing airsoft with my buddy, who was new to the sport I may add. He ran out the night before to buy a crappy 60 dollar plastic AK from the local sporting goods store. Now, being a great friend, I decided to let him handle much superior M4, so that left me with the plastic gun that could barely reach 40 feet. Fast foward about 10 minutes into our game of 3-Life Team Deathmatch, already down a life. There were 2 of us pinned down behind a boat by some hardcore weekend warriors in a building just ahead of us.. I was low on ammo, as was my mate pinned down alongside me. After sitting there for several minutes, trying to out our opposition, we realized our team was losing pretty bad. I decided to make a final attempt to free from the cover. I rushed up when the enemy went into cover, dove next to the window on the side of the building and peaked up, promptly taking out 2 people. As they walked back, I realized there were some people in a similar situation to us. I fired several rounds, eliminating 1 of my opponents, and then I unluckily heard my rifle dry-fire, empty! I made a final attempt to take out my enemies with my (dummy)knife, sprinting roughly 30 feet to them. I almost got a person out, before hearing a loud “BangBang!” behind me. Safety killed, thus getting me out and ruining my epic spree.”

– Alec Sullivan