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$150 Entry Level Guns for Different Types of Players

We have been getting a lot of requests asking about which guns might be the best, or a good buy for those players on a smaller budget. Taking into account everyone’s different playing style, we put together 4 guns that survey a wide variety of play styles. This is not a complete list. There are several others guns that are good buys as well. However, here are four guns that will be a good buy.

Combat Machine


JG Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Scope Package

Bravo FM Tac Shot Gun

New Videos And New Products From Airsoft GI!

Special Announcement!

From 0:00 On January 1st through 23:50 of January 3rd, all Madbull J-Tech, and Bravo products at Airsoft GI will have a special 10% discount! What makes this so special? The Season To Remember benefits are still in effect! You can still use your discount codes, receive free shipping on orders $80 or more, and still get your free t-shirt! Don’t miss it!

Check Out These New Videos!

What Else Is There? – CQB Guns – AK – MP5 – G36 – P90 – And Yes! The M4 CQB!

Bad Guy Game at Desert Fox Fields

Happy Holidays 2011 Edition from Airsoft GI!

KWA M9 / M9 Tactical PTP Gas Blowback Pistol

We Want Your Opinion! Dye Full Face Masks

And These New Products!

ICS M4 S-System w/ Crane Stock Airsoft Gun (Sportline)

Madbull Airsoft Noveske Rail Barrel Lug for G&P Metal Body

Speed Airsoft Adjustable Nut Wrench

Speed Airsoft Delta Ring Wrench

Speed Airsoft M4/M16 Mag & Receiver Tool

Speed Airsoft M4/M16 Mag Button (No Tool)

Speed Airsoft M4/M16 AEG Tunable Trigger (Silver)

G&G Full Metal M14 HBA Short Airsoft Gun

Umarex / VFC Full Metal PDW w/ 8″ Barrel Airsoft Gun

NC Star Battle Belt

Extreme CQB and Extreme Sniper Review

Echo 1 M240B Prototype Picture Release!


We just got these pics of the newest Echo1USA model. For those of you who guessed M240 Bravo you are correct! These pics are of the official proto-type, the final production model with have different paint/finish.

In a World of Compromise, We Don’t.


Green Laser Comparison

Within the spectrum of white light, green light is the easiest for the human eye to see.  This is why green lasers are more effective outdoors than any other laser color.  This video will do a quick comparison of two similar lasers.