Gearing up for Tim Vs Bob 5?

Tim Vs Bob 5 is coming around the corner, and you’ll want to be equipped properly.

Flashlights are going to come in real handy for Tim vs Bob 5 at GamePod Combat Zone. Check out this M971, it’s a great light for only a little more than $60. Whether you get this one or a different model, a flashlight is a MUST for TvB5, or any other indoor CQB arena.

Night Evolution Flashlights
Tim Vs Bob Tickets

Airsoft GI Blowout Clearance Deals Page

Airsoft GI now has a Blowout Clearance Deals Section on the website. Listed here are airsoft products that just simply must go! Many of the items listed are up to 55% percent off and are absolutely brand new! This is probably the lowest you’ll ever see these items ever. As of this post,  we have everything from full metal / real wood AK’s, spring bolt action sniper rifles, MP44’s full metal M4’s, and even light machine guns selling at 55% percent off! Some of the guns listed are going as low as $59.95!