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The All New Echo 1 Full Metal Stag-15 A1

The new Stag -15 A1 Full Metal Version from Echo 1 is a great new AEG that’s just been added to their line up.  This gun features an Officially Licnesed Stag Arms Logo on the full metal body.  A one piece convertible outer barrel, 8mm metal bushings, and a  MOSFET.   Between these two videos you’ll know everything you need to know about the new Stag-15:

The G4 Series Article is due this week…

An in-depth article featuring the G4 series guns and there origin is due to be published early this week.  Here is an abstract for you to get a taste of what’s to come:

Many months ago when the G4 was nothing more than an idea the airsoft market was very polarized.  On one side there was the upper echelon of Airsoft, long standing companies that have been engineering the same durable goods for years; the only choice in the minds of some seasoned players.  Conversely on the other side were the newcomers, well versed in economics, looking to supplement the low cost sector; the main attraction for the younger novice player.  This left a huge void right in the middle, where were the guns that were cool enough for the old-school guys, but affordable enough for the new-school?  The G4 fit this bill like a glove.

G4A1 Stress Test

We put the G4A1 to the test and dropped it from 8 feet up in the air. And to our surprise nothing happened, SO WE DROPPED IT AGAIN!!! this time higher. Check it out:

M4A1 Comparison and OE TECH Gun Bag Videos

Many people seem to be curious why we had G&G send us plastic bodies instead of metal ones. Put very simply, the poly bodies are cheaper, lighter, and almost nearly as strong. Here is a quick video review of two G4-A1 side by side, one metal and one not; can you even tell which is which?

Also, gun safety should always be a top priority, and part of that is the proper storage and transportation of your gun. There is not better way to do that than inside a gun bag. Every player should have one. Tim goes over the features of the OE TECH 36″ Dual Molle Gunbag in this next video.