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Last Day for Labor Day 20% off Sale!

Be sure to take advantage of this coupon code before it expires TODAY at 11:59 PM PST 09/03/2013!

Operation Northern Lights Gameplay Footage

A couple months ago, AirsoftGI gave away some of our Operation Northern Lights tickets to a team that was closer to the event and sent them our cameras. Here is some highlights of happened. Are you interested in attending a Midwest or East Coast Lionclaws Event? Airsoft GI will periodically send out a fireteam (4 men) to attend these events in our place, and will usually have a competition to determine who goes. Stay tuned to our Facebook in order to find out when we hold these competitions!


June 22nd 22.3% off Summer Sale at the ASGI California Store!

Not to be missed, this summer AirsoftGI is having our Summer Sale with great deals and great opportunities to get awesome gear and guns. With 22.3% off, for every 100 dollars you spend, you can save over 22 dollars! Plus, for the first 22 people in line, you will get, no joke, a free AEG! Don’t miss out!

21077 Commerce Pointe Drive
Walnut CA 91789