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Editor’s Note: This Article was written by Scott Hallenbeck of USAirsoft. For more information on how to find more of his videos and reviews, check out the bottom of the article.

Playing Airsoft is rather straight forward when you break it down but it’s also very silly. It’s basically just a big game of tag with toy guns, but boy does it release a lot of stress when you get the chance to play. Get yourself a few friends together, make a plan to head out to a near by field or arena and make sure you’ve got yourself some cash.

Airsoft is not a cheap hobby at all by most people’s standards but if you can muster the cash to get yourself some gear then you’ll soon find yourself having some real fun. When you attend a field or arena it’s like you’re attending a club. Everyone around you at that field is there for one reason or another but they’re all looking for a good time and maybe some training if that’s your thing.

Some go to be the player they control in the video games they play. Some go to be their own action movie star. Some go to be competitive and some go to simply spend time with friends.


There are as many ways to play the game as there are game modes to join up on but this rule stays the same for the most part. Get hit once anywhere on your body and you’re done. Some games have rules that might change this slightly but that’s why you pay attention to the referees when they discuss what game you’ll be playing.


Pay attention, I can’t say that enough.

Airsoft can be a game of skill and luck so for your first couple of games I advise that you pay attention to how the long time players handle themselves on the field. You can learn a lot from just watching people, from their gear to their tactics.


The referees are the gods of where ever you play so whatever they say goes. If you ever have a problem, then you should always talk to them about it. Think of admins and referees as the police, always there to  take care of on-the-field issues and complaints.

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There’s so much to learn that I could never include in just the time I’m allowed here, but like I said, pay attention. Ask people questions when you arrive to the field or just watch some tips and tricks videos on the
internet, you’ll find thousands of them. Give it a month at the most and you should have the basics covered. Just don’t become a nerd like me okay?

Play fairly, keep your ears open, make some new friends, and most importantly:


-Scott Hallenbeck of USAirsoft

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