Scott’s Thoughts: Best $100 Chest rig

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Let’s talk about my best sub $100 chest rig. Want to know a secret? Something that should be embarrassing but isn’t to me at all? I run a $33 Condor rig and I don’t care what people think about that.

The Condor Outdoor Modular Chest Rig I in Coyote Brown was my second “vest” and I’ve been running it for almost 4 years now. Do you like your Crye rig? You know, the one you spent a few hundred on before you told all your friends that you do a little more than play airsoft in that rig, you train in that rig, on the airsoft field because “CRYE OR DIE BROOOO!”. You do? That’s cool; just let me enjoy what I use because to me that is all I really need to feel great playing the way I do. Don’t gear shame me, Bro.


“That’s not even that much!” -Overly dedicated wallet showoff

My rig is the rig of the guy who can play just fine with nothing but a battle belt on but thinks that he needs to fit in with his other friends on the field so he picks something in the same camouflage tone they use and just throws on the pouches he was just going to add to his belt. I use my Condor Rig with a Condor Outrider backpack which keeps my back covered and helps me carry a lot more on my person but honestly I want to upgrade my load out again. I don’t know what to yet but I still don’t feel the need to dump $300 into a new JPC.

It’s my beater load out, my “dad’s 1987 Fox Body Mustang that I can never appreciate as much as he did because I wasn’t around during the most retro decade that was ever retro” load out. However now that I know better, I wish I could have that Fox Body in my possession again. My load out could never stand to the thousand dollar JPC builds I’ve seen with regards to looks or in respect but just like a R32 GTR or a MKIV Supra squaring up to a cocky Lamborghini owner at the line, some people will be happy to see the cheaper kitted guy win at a shootout.

Have I lost you with any of these car references yet?

You can get some good stuff for $100 especially when you know exactly what your getting it for. Do you really need that neck protector? Do you really need that extra length to protect your stomach, or to cover your stomach? Think rationally about the gear your getting for the type of player you are and don’t pay for the stuff you’ll never use in normal skirmish games.


-Scott Hallenbeck of USAirsoft

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