Scott’s Corner: Best Beginner Guns for under $200

Editor’s Note: This Article was written by Scott Hallebeck of USAirsoft. For more information on how to find more of his videos and reviews, check out the bottom of the article.

For $200 it may seem that you don’t have a lot of options available to you for a good AEG primary as a beginner airsofter. However, over the years of reviewing all sorts of gear for the USAirsoft YouTube channel three rifles stood out to me.

If you want something small, metal, and don’t mind running a PEQ box on the side for your battery, then go on the hunt for the Lancer Tactical Cobra M4. I really wish I had bought one for myself for $125 when they were easy to acquire but sadly after I posted my review, they sold out everywhere! If I could wish a gun back into production then you can bet I’d get the Cobra back out there on the market. It was everything I liked about a stubby M4; but it could have benefited from a MOSFET as long as the cost
remained under $200.

Lancer Tactical has been getting better and better over the years with all the criticism they have received just like any company out there and my second choice is evidence of that. The Warlord series was just so good that I knew it would be a great first gun for my own newbie friend, Andrew. I loved the big ambidextrous controls from the magazine releases to the bolt releases which would make it easy for him to learn to operate. The one piece upper receiver with the MIL-SPEC metal keymod rail was neat and it didn’t make the gun very heavy! The overall weight was extremely low at around 5 pounds before you start adding accessories. If Lancer Tactical can stay on the path of improvement they are on now then I’m sure they can dominate the beginner gun market.

For my last sub $200 pick I’d greatly recommend the G&G CM16 Combat Machine M4 series. You get so many options from the hand guards to the body colors and barrel lengths. I know a lot of different fields that use these rifles as their rentals and if they ever go down then it should be an easy task for the field tech to get it back up and running. Never doubt a G&G Combat Machine. New players can wield them with ease, long time players can definitely make the most out of these low cost guns. The best part about the combat machine line, however, is that they will stick around in some shape or another for many more years to come.

Look around and test what you think you like if you can before you buy it. Ask around for some advice at your local field or come on into an Airsoft GI branch near you. I’m sure you’ll find something to match your play style.

-Scott Hallenbeck of USAirsoft

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