Product Spotlight – Ares Amoeba AM-013

Ares has been long known for their M4 AEGs and several other niche guns which they’ve produced over the years. Ares newer Amoeba line has introduced a line of airsoft guns with both unique designs and performance internal parts. Apart from their original CC series which was a handful of ultra compact M4 type weapons, the new Ares Amoeba AM-13 and AM-14 are more reminiscent of a weapon which has become so popular in current video games.

11074612_10207030556990198_252767689_nStarting from the front of the airsoft gun, Ares has fit a suppressor flush with inner diameter of the RIS, resulting in a very stable barrel extension. The RIS itself is a modular system which allows the user the freedom to choose which of 8 angles to attach accessories to, while remaining incredibly lightweight with a skeletonized design. In addition to the already very comfortable rail, Ares has created custom handstops for the AM-13 RIS which attach directly and create a perfect reference point for weapon manipulation. Placed on both top and bottom, these handstops will also provide users of the C-clamp grip comfortable points to rest their thumbs and pointing fingers. In addition to the handstops, every AM-13/AM-14 also includes Battlesight style iron sights which complete the look from popular games such as Call of Duty. 11075316_10207030556750192_1797523609_nThe receiver of the Amoeba has also been stylized, as well as changed for function. The receiver is a very thick polymer which feels like it could even be metal. Keeping in line with the PDW type weapon that the AM-13/14 is, the weight of this receiver Ares Amoeba unique receiver design allows for a several components that make the weapon much easier to use. The most notable of these features is the enhanced magazine release. Moving away from the tiny standard M4 magazine release to the Amoeba paddle release, reloading becomes ridiculously easy. From there, moving to the trigger guard, this enhanced trigger guard is bowed out for comfort, while also creating a spot under the guard itself for your middle finger. The spot under the trigger guard feels a lot like a spot for a high tang pistol grip, and is very comfortable while providing what feels like a more solid control point on the weapon. The pistol grip is also a very welcome change from a standard A2, as the texture feels like it improves control without being overly aggressive, and the grip is overall thinner, allowing for a full hand on the gun, as if it was a smaller framed handgun.

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The stock is one of the most notable features of the AM-13, as the stock is both a retractable wire style stock and will house a battery. Unlike other designs of PDW style stocks, the AM-13’s buttpad is very comfortable, and is large enough to make a good amount of positive contact with the shoulder, enabling the shooter to have a solid reference point and maintain control of the weapon. The battery compartment will easily fit a small type 7.4V LiPo battery, and the compartment itself is hidden and placed so that it is barely noticeable during use.

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A final element worth noting is that the Amoeba Series guns use the Ares Electronic Trigger System. The microswitch that the Amoeba Series uses responds with a crisp, clean break and has a very positive feel to it. In addition, each of these guns can be used on conjunction with the Ares Programming Unit to set the gun to a burst function.

This gun is definitely one of the most innovative new AEGs on the market, and presents a unique and interesting design with a host of features that make it a top level contender. The AM-13 shoots around 370-380 FPS, which is perfect for outdoor play, and wont break the bank sitting just shy of $300 at

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