News From Madbull – Licensed Daniel Defense L85 Rail + ICS & WE Adapters

Daniel Defense SA80 /L85 handguard rails are the best-known American designed rail system adopted by the British Army.
The original Daniel Defense rails are made of high strength Aircraft Aluminum with extreme light weight design and maximum mounting capacity. In the past few years, we

have seen many Daniel Defense rails on SA80 / L85 used by British troops in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other conflicts.

MadBull proudly produces the only fully licensed Airsoft replica Daniel Defense SA80/ L85 rails for SA80/L85 users.
Our rail is compatible with WE L85 / G&G L85 and ICS L85 using one of our many available adapters.

The Star Ares L85 adapter is also coming soon.

Fully licensed by Daniel Defense
High strength T6-6061 Aluminum with black anodized finish
External 1:1 copies
Users need to buy adapters to fit on different brands. Adapters are optional.