Magazine Wallet…Ok, I’ll Bite.


The NC Star Rifle & Pistol Magazine Wallet is one of our numerous new products. When it came in it immediately caught my eye. As a gear whore with a slight case of OCD I am always looking for a means to organize and divide up all the equipment and gear I drag to the gun range or airsoft field. For examples, I generally like to carry my unloaded magazines in a separate container which until recently was a job reserved for a cardboard box.

Anyway, my concern following the initial inspection of the NC Star Rifle & Pistol Magazine Wallet was the fact that each magazine is only retained by a loop of elastic webbing so I immediately conducted a “shake” test (shake test being a scientific term :P). I filled up each elastic loop with a different magazine. One side M16 magazines and the other P- Mags of various make. The “shake” test was admittedly probably excessive as a simulation and involved me jumping up and down wildly, flailing my arms. I managed to loose only one magazine during the “shake” test, a King Arms Gas Blowback M4 magazine, which weighs about a half pound more then a fully loaded 30 round magazine. So, retention is decent for rifle magazines.

As a disclaimer, the magazine wallet can carry pistol magazines but given the internal size of the wallet and the means of retention for the magazines I would not recommend it for that purpose. I did not even bother to perform a test to determine that. It would have been for my own amusement at that point.

The front and back panels have a stiffener to help the magazine wallet keep its shape and the edges are reinforced to prevent fraying and wear. For added convenience it folds flat when empty for easy storage. While on the topic of storage; the wallet can also be used to store you magazines in a dedicated manner more stylish then a card board box or ammo can.

So if you are like me and you are looking for a self contained means of transporting and storing your magazines then here is a cheap and effective solution.

Best Regards,