MadBull / ECHO1 Crawler edition tight boare barrel, available soon!


This is not the first time ECHO1 and MadBull work together but this is the most innovative product from these two companies ever.

Crawler edition barrel’s idea is coming out from ECHO1’s engineer and they decide to transfer this idea to MadBull.

After try-n- error for over a month and making over a hundred prototypes, MadBull and ECHO1 finally find out the best design for Crawler edition barrel.

Normally, if you want to lower down your AEG power, you have to break down your gearbox and change a lot of internal components.

Crawler edition barrel is the best solution for Airsoft player to reduce velocity and power of their AEG to comply regulations.

More detail will be provided in 10-14 days.

Patent pending!

MadBull Airsoft

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