Looking for a cheap P90?

Looking for a cheap P90?  We got the Echo1 Full Metal P90 for all you CQB lovers.

Here is the description for the item:
The Echo 1 P90 is astounding. The plastic body is extremely durable. The magazine click’s solidly into place. The selector switch is sturdy and decisive. The upper receiver as well as the rails are made of metal so that the holosights and or flashlights mounted on it are secure. The barrel features a 14mm CC threading to accept different compensators and barrel extensions. Since this is an Echo 1 it comes with a very solid 7mm metal bushing gearbox, and two standard capacity magazines!

Manufacturer: Echo 1
Muzzle Velocity: 350-380 FPS
Magazine Capacity: 68 rounds
Package Includes: gun, 2 magazines, battery, charger, and manual

You can also get the high cap or standard magazine

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