Is it safe to shoot Airsoft Guns at Each Other?

One of the most common questions we receive is, “Is it safe?” To that we’ll answer, “Absolutely! As long as Little Johnny is wearing the proper safety equipment, he’ll come home in one piece.” The majority of parents will breathe a sigh of relief knowing their child is safe. If you’re the parent that is still concerned, that’s ok! We’re here to show you all the steps you should take to make sure your child is safe. We all want to have fun and be safe when playing Airsoft.

First, the most important piece of safety equipment for ANY player is quality eye protection. Any eye protection that is worn onto an Airsoft field should meet, minimum, ANSI Z87.1 rating. Meaning it has been tested and certified to stand up to blunt impact, splashes, and small dust particles. If your eye protection is not rated you run the risk of your lenses shattering and potentially losing an eye. We’re only born with two eyes and we want to keep it that way.

Don't cheap out on your eye-wear when it comes to airsoft. It could cost you a lot more than a new set of lenses.
Eyes can cost a lot of money to replace. Good eye protection is worth its weight in gold compared to a new eye.

Another thing to consider is getting eye protection that is anti-fog. Being able to keep your eyes from getting shot out is a big deal. At the same time, you still have to be able to see where you’re running. You don’t want to twist an ankle or take a bad fall. Having the ability to see will always improve your overall playing experience. You can confirm if you hit someone, track your BB’s, and distinguish friend from foe. If you’re stuck attempting to de-fog your mask you’re putting yourself in a very risky situation. In the event you’re taking cover behind a tree, attempting to de-fog. Another player may not notice what you’re doing and shoot in your direction.


When selecting your eye protection, consider how comfortable it is for you. Is it something you can wear for extended periods of time? Will you get tired of it after 10 minutes? An hour? Three hours? Longer? If the Milsim scene catches your attention, why not invest in a good pair of eye protection that will be ready when you are? If you can wear that set of goggles for 40 hours, surely you could run them for a 40-minute walk on game. Remember, you only get one set of eyes. Protect them.


After eye protection comes a lower facemask. They’re easier to select because there’s only a handful of different types available. Find one that fits well to your goggles. It’s ideal for your lower face mask to sit right up against your eye protection and keeps any gaps from being exposed. Next consider the material the mask is made of. After extended periods of having a steel mask rubbing on your face it can get uncomfortable. Consider the part mesh, part fabric masks to help with comfort in longer scenarios.


Having good eye and face protection are the key to staying safe in Airsoft. Getting shot isn’t going to cause a life-threatening injury in any way. The primary focus should be protecting your eyes and teeth. Getting shot in the torso, arms, legs, is something you’ll get used to. After playing for 9 years, painful shots really isn’t a thing for me anymore.

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