Internal Look at the Classic Army Nemesis Gearbox

Our Tech manager Spencer digs into the internals of the Classic Army Nemesis! Upon his inspection, the guts of the gun are fairly good out of the box. Concentrating on the gearbox alone.  All of these components are standard to the Nemesis line.

  • Quick Change Spring System
  • Full Metal rack Piston
  • Aluminum Piston Head
  • Aluminum Cylinder Head with Double O-Ring
  • Air Nozzle with O-Ring
  • Wire Cut Gears
  • 9mm Bearing Holes
  • 25k Motor
  • In-Line Mosfet with Active Breaking
  • Low Resistance Wiring to Deans Plug

Spencer and I got to test shoot the gun before he broke it down and the gun did very well at cycling. We did not have a single half cycle when firing even when we tried to half pull the trigger to provoke a half cycle. The gun simply would complete its rotation each time, and wouldn’t cause an issue. With the in-line mosfet, the gun sounded smooth, even though the motor is only a 25k. The gun has also very good trigger response with an 11.1v 20c LiPo. We are going to push the limits of the gun. To see what the “stock” internal parts can handle. We do have plans to build a SPR/DMR build with one of the guns. Overall, the gun performs great our of the box. There is some room for improvement, but that can be said about every gun, and we’re excited to see what we can accomplish with this one!


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