HSS Chest Rig?

HSS Chest Rig

Not quite…

For those that remember Airsoft G.I. carried a line of gear licensed and sold under the HSS trademark. Although we still carry some HSS products on our website the complete line of HSS Tactical Gear products has been discontinued. The remaining in stock items being what is left of our HSS inventory. However, we have continued to receive inquires about HSS products and the HSS Chest Rig specifically.

Many of you will recognize the HSS Chest Rig as the primary rig Tim has been using over the last year or so; probably one of the reasons we receive so many inquiries. That aside I can vouch for the chest rig as I own and use one myself. It has a range of features that make it a valuable addition to any collection. The combination of 8 internal magazine pouches and a face covered in MOLLE webbing gives it the potential to carry a large number of magazines so I use it for mil-sim events that require mid capacity magazines.

Those interested will be happy to know that we will be carrying the same chest rig from J-Tech, the OEM manufacturer for HSS. The sample we received from J-Tech actually has a better color; leaning more towards the brown side of the “tan color spectrum”, instead of yellow. Plan on seeing it available on the Airsoft G.I. website in the near future along with new J-Tech products.

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** UPDATE: The above chest rig is now listed as the “J-Tech 1000D Cordura CP-4 Combat Chest Rig” on our website. **