How much does it cost to play Airsoft?

We’ve told you what we think you should get for affordable, high end, mid-tier, but now how much does it truly cost to get into Airsoft? The answer to that might surprise you. If you are going for barebones, gun, mask, BB’s. It’s very affordable and cheap to get into it. If you want the full 9 yards as far as Kit, BDU’s, and Gear that will affect your end budget.

If you’re the type of person that doesn’t care about how you look, and let’s be honest I personally don’t care from time to time, you can get into the lovely hobby of Airsoft for as cheap as $140. That’s the gun, battery, charger, BB’s, and a mask. Now, that is absolutely barebones and we would recommend a little more but if you absolutely had to you can do it for $140. Now if you go the starter route we recommend you’re looking around $180 for our Best Airsoft Starter Package. It comes with the gun, battery, charger, mask, BB’s, spare magazines, and a vest!

If you’re the type to go all in on something then the sky is literally the limit for what you can put into an Airsoft Kit. Personally, I can’t calculate the amount of money I’ve put into my Kit over the years because so many things change and your play style is always evolving. In addition to your play style always changing, your taste in gear, much like in your change in clothes, may change as time goes on. Right now, you might like a straight tan/flat dark earth look but a year from now you light want an M81 loadout, or a Woodland Marpat, or Multicam. It’s always changing.

Similar to gear and kit your taste in guns may always be changing. You can start with an M4. Put a few accessories on it, maybe swap the barrel, just a few simple upgrades that enhance its performance at a smaller price in upgrades. Then one day while you’re at the field, you see a guy dressed in full Russian Spectre Camo rocking a pimped-out AK. After seeing that you think to yourself, “Damn, I need an AK” and before you know it, you got UPS knocking on your door with your newest AK.

Your taste is always changing and it’s incredibly rare to not wanting something new. While a lot of people are happy with their gun setups and kit setups, there is always a new project along the horizon.


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