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Editor’s Note: This Article was written by Scott Hallebeck of USAirsoft. For more information on how to find more of his videos and reviews, check out the bottom of the article.

Jeez, I’m talking about how I started airsoft again?  Why am I getting
asked this so much now?

USairsoft airsoft shot show

You can blame it all on video games, old World War 2 airsoft videos, the
Galil, and Airsoft GI.

Like some angry parent, I blame video games for my airsoft craze and of
course YouTube. It was at the peak of Call of Duty’s popularity when I first started finding YouTube videos featuring massive groups of English and Scottish players getting
together with authentic World War 2 load-outs to play war with fake guns. I thought that was especially cool because of the places they were playing in, such as small towns or the snowy woods. I was also drawn to how realistic the games could get. After Call of Duty Black Ops went up on shelves, I found myself hunting for my favorite gun, the IWI Galil for my first airsoft gun.

I’ve had airsoft guns before but I have never had a serious piece to actually
play real games with so I worked around my small rural Texas town of Poteet to get the money together. Once I gathered about $400 together, I bought an ICS Galil AR off of this website called Airsoft GI. They had so much stuff on the site that just blew my butt cheeks off but I knew what I was there for. I was getting my Galil and I was saving what I could until the next smart purchase came to mind.

USairsoft classic army DT4
Scott handles an unreleased Classic Army DT4 prototype

I had to have watched hundreds of hours of GITV and gameplay from all sorts of other YouTubers. I actually got to meet despite some of them not being in the airsoft scene anymore. The USAirsoft channel is a whole different story by the way; but as for how I started airsoft that was it. Video games, the Galil, and Airsoft GI being there with what I needed. Okay, maybe my ADHD had something to do with too but whatever.

I still have that old ICS Galil. I have 3 of them now actually and I’ll
gladly take the crown as The Galil King! Humble beginnings have turned into
amazing experiences and amazing experiences have turned into some of the
best years of my life as a player and an entertainer. I only have the
support of the community to thank for that.

-Scott Hallenbeck of USAirsoft


[Scott Hallenbeck is the mastermind behind the YouTube Channel USAirsoft. His channel features unboxings, top notch gameplay, and reviews of new and popular airsoft guns and gear. Check him out HERE]

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