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Every airsofter has their “pipedream” gun. It’s the gun that occupies your every thought making you wish you had time to get out and shoot it. It’s the gun you long for and wish you could add to your arsenal. For me, this gun is the Classic Army M132 Microgun.

Microgun m132 mini gun gatling
Dave’s Loadout for OP Wildman, including the CA M132 Microgun

I’ve had opportunities to play with the bigger larger models, but something about them always felt off. They were never quite light enough to be man portable and effective, and the performance was never bad, but never at a level that I would consider up to my own personal standards. The micro gun fixes both of these options providing a lightweight utilitarian option inside of a badass external shell capable of putting bb’s down range in the exact way you expect a gatling gun to sling plastic!

I was lucky enough to get to take the Microgun for a test run during OP: Wildman hosted by Airsoft GI and D14 Airsoft. It’d be a safe bet to say I had an absolute blast during my time behind this gun’s joystick-style trigger and left wishing I could have kept it here instead of longingly having to return it to its owner. Click past the jump to see a breakdown on my thoughts about this amazing piece of kit.

What struck me as the most impressive about the micro gun was its size and weight. It weighs less than the average house cat and with the hasty addition of a two-point sling, it became very easy to tote around the field to where I was needed to lay down a wall of plastic. It has a lot of smooth round lines, and because of that, I didn’t find it catching on the rest of my gear, or binding itself up in the sling I had mounted to it. Even though it was connected to an HPA tank stored in a Condor hydration pack I wore like a back pack, I didn’t find myself restricted in aiming or movement in any way. It didn’t feel like an extension of the body the way an AR pattern rifle does, but it certainly did not feel cumbersome to use in any way.

d14 microgun minigun gatling airsoft
Dave fires the Microgun at the enemy! Photo Credit @D14Airsoft

Without the traditional rifle style ergonomics, you’d be right to think this gun was difficult to aim, but in practice that couldn’t be further from the truth. With .25 gram BBs this gun had no problem spitting out a foot wide cloud of plastic that astonished and terrified everyone who saw it. It certainly made for an effective suppression tool, keeping heads down with relative ease. Burst fire was easy to keep up, as the noise this gun generates was effective in its own right at discouraging enemy movement meaning you can make the most of its modest 2400 round capacity.

Naturally, this made me a target for enemy players, and without proper support from my teammates, I often found myself the victim of a very deliberate hail of rounds coming my way as well. The M132 is a force to be reckoned with and as such generates a lot of concentrated fire from its opponents to remove it from the battlefield equation. I did find however, that when I had team members willing to push up, get in front of the micro gun, and utilize the shock and awe that it was providing, it made for a huge tactical advantage for my team.

The micro gun made an astonishing field artillery style weapon as well. At one point, while trying to hit through trees and brush at opponents on the other side of a creek bed, I found myself having a hard time punching through some of the densest parts of the local foliage. Due to the wide cloud that emanates from this gun’s four rotating barrels, I opted to simply point it to the sky, and let vengeance rain down upon my foes. It made for a very scary tactic, as the BBs became much harder to see coming without taking your eyes off of the action, and this led to many more successful hits for me.

The one serious flaw I found with the whole system had to do with reloading it. Due to the nature of how the gun works, there isn’t going to be a better solution than what is already in place, which is unfortunate, because this gun is not built for a field expedient reload. I did find that with a bit of help from a teammate who was familiar with the operation of this gun, it did get much easier to load, but this does mean you’ll need to pay attention to how much you are firing before you risk exposing yourself to enemy fire as your barrels run dry.

After having the luxury of playing with the gun, I can safely say the Classic Army M132 Microgun sits at the top of my “must have” mountain. While its unique approach to “light machine gun” roles may not be for every airsofter, it certainly appealed to my sense of grandiose style on the airsoft field. This gun was the very definition of “shock and awe” packed into a very man-portable package that most players should have no problem utilizing. The feeling of jamming on the trigger and watching a huge puff of ammo head down range was immensely satisfying bordering on cathartic. The sound of this beast going off was so pleasing, I’m pretty sure I could fire it into a corner and have all the fun in the world just listening to it pop off. This gun is absolutely a must-buy if you like big guns, and may even be worth considering for players on the fence who enjoy a unique piece of airsoft history.


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