CQB Airsoft Tips and Tricks

Here in Southern California, CQB Airsoft is a main stay. Featuring fast-paced game-play, high action, and very addictive. CQB Airsoft has been a staple of Southern California ever since the Zipper Factory days. Today we’ll be going over a few things to up your game when playing CQB Airsoft!


Pie The Corner

Pie-ing the corner is one of the very first steps to take to up your CQB game. This allows you to clear everything in sectors to prevent you from getting hit. Instead of turning the corner rapidly and bringing your gun up in separate steps, have the gun up ready to go. You’ll take less time to adjust your point of aim rather than bringing up an entire rifle to shoot. Pie-ing the corner also exposes you less to your opponents. Making you a harder target to hit.


Practice reloads

Being loaded at all times is an obvious thing in fire fights. You may come across a time when you run dry mid fire fight and in CQB, it almost always results in getting hit. Being able to reload quickly and smoothly can save you from getting hit. Practicing reloading can be key. While you’re under stress anything you thought you could do, you might not be able to do. You might stumble, drop your mag, and completely miss. Repetition is key to getting quick, stressful reloads down to a T.


Rapid Target Acquisition

When playing CQB Airsoft, target heavy environments are the norm. Even though games are typically never more than 20-30 people on the field at a time. There will be times when you turn the corner and see several targets at once. It’s very easy to get over excited and mesh every single shot and end up walking away without hitting a single opponent. If you turn the corner and see 5 enemies take your time. They more than likely don’t notice you and move target to target taking your shots precisely.


Be Light As Possible

Being light in CQB will only benefit you. There is really no need for a plate carrier and shedding as many ounces off of your body will give you a slight edge. The lighter you are the quicker you’ll be. The ability to play in just a chest rig, battle belt, or even just a leg rig will give you a slight speed advantage.



When playing CQB, room clearing is a given and will occur 99.99% of the time. Step 1 in clearing most rooms is getting in the room. If you stop in the doorway, the entire breach will get stalled and likely fail. If you’re the front man you have to make it a point to get in the room. Don’t be afraid to get shot because it will happen. If you are shot don’t take up space in the threshold. That leads to safety issues for everyone involved.


All in all, CQB is a very fun environment to play in and often molds some of the best players. Being able to snap between targets quickly, return fire quickly, and being fast on reloads gives you an edge at any field. CQB is an amazing place to start when trying to become a better Airsoft player.

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