Convincing Your Friends to Play Airsoft

Playing Airsoft is a great way to become a part of a new community. If you’re just getting into it, it could be a bit daunting

That is where you bring your friends along for the ride! Now that’s always easier said than done. We’re here to help with getting your friends into Airsoft!


Showing them your stuff!

Airsoft is pretty much a fashion show. We go to a field and half the fun is seeing all the different kits. Whether it’s their guns, rigs, helmets, you’ll almost always see something new. The same thing that would peak your interest could also peak your friend’s interest. Show them their go to gun in the video game you play together. Show them people that build their kits around a military/law enforcement unit. Just showing them something, can be the push that convinces them to try Airsoft.


It’s gets you out of the house

Personally, my friends and I aren’t always trying to stay in and game all night. We like to go out into nature and have a good time. Airsoft is a great way to do that. A lot of fields get you outside and into the fresh air. You’re running, stopping and going, and really getting your heart pumping. Playing Indoor Airsoft probably get’s your heart pumping even more! Indoor fields offer a much faster pace and more frequent engagements. That brings me to my next point…


It’s an amazing workout

Airsoft gets your heart pumping really quickly. With the high stress movement, you’re getting great cardio. You’ll find yourself having ran a few miles by the time the day is over. Depending on your kit and gun, you could be carrying an extra 20lbs of gear. A small amount of strength training but definitely a good leg workout. There is a ton of squatting, moving, and manipulating your body to be in position.

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You meet a ton of new people

The Airsoft Community has been growing bigger and bigger since it’s come to the US. I started Airsofting with a handful of friends. Since then, I’ve met pretty much everyone I play Airsoft with through the community. I find myself hanging out with them off of the field as well. People I’ve met at fields, work within the industry, or regulars from the store. You meet a lot of people with the same interest as you. It’s very easy to make new friends through our Community.


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