Best Internal Upgrades To-Do

On our Last Blog, we discussed a few tips on what to do when upgrading your guns. Today, we’ll be looking at specific parts that you should change out or add when upgrading your gun. Now this is entirely our opinion but should be taken into consideration when upgrading your guns.

#5 – Gearset

Coming in at Number 5, is an upgrade that takes a bit more time to do. We have it at number 5 because your gearset is essentially the drive train of your gun. It heavily determines your rate of fire, trigger response, and reliability. It also will allow you to reliably increase your Feet Per Second output. Nowadays, the stock gearset in most guns achieve a very healthy rate of fire and allow for good trigger response.

#4 – Bushings / Bearings

Often the most overlooked upgrade. Having a good set of bushings is essential for high stress builds. Both High Speed and High Torque should get bearings or bushings respectively. Speaking from personal experience, I failed to replace the bearings in a high-speed build. This resulted in the stock bushings blowing out and the gearset ripped itself apart. Whenever getting your gearbox open, you should immediately upgrade your bushings to accommodate whatever build you do in the future. You’ll see instant results in your gun running smoother!


#3 – Motor

Probably the easiest upgrade to actually do. The proper way to actually swap motors would be to remove the gearbox and shim your bevel gear to your pinion gear. Failing to do this could result in stripped gears or even a locked-up motor. Upgrading your motor can result in a snappier (High-Torque) trigger response or a higher rate of fire (High-Speed) for your gun. There are endless combinations on motors and gearsets that you could use in your builds and that will result in several different Rates of Fire, Feet Per Second, and how responsive your gun will be.



A lot of guns already come with a “MOSFET” but often it isn’t programmable. Companies such as Classic Army and G&G allow you to re-program your MOSFET straight from the trigger without having to take anything apart or attach an external controller to it. Another step up would be getting something such as a Gate TITAN MOSFET. The GATE will give you nearly instantaneous trigger response and levels of programmability that is unmatched by any other brand. While it isn’t necessary in anyway it is definitely an amazing upgrade that you will absolutely not regret.


#1 – Inner barrel Assembly


Our number one recommended upgrade is the inner barrel assembly. We say assembly because you might as well do everything while you have the unit out. Most hop up units are really good nowadays. Previously people would swap it for a Prowin or a Lonex Hop Up unit. Now the stock unit will work perfectly fine. The inner barrel can be upgraded to whatever you like. We recommend the Prometheus Inner Barrel for the best performance and consistency. Pairing the upgraded barrel with something such as a Flat Hop or an R-Hop will give you a night and day difference when it comes to range, accuracy, and consistency. While changing your barrel, bucking, knob, and hop up unit is fairly easy to do. It can very easily be messed up. Having the knob ever so slightly crooked, forgetting to put the c-clip on, or improper bucking installation are all things that our Tech Department has seen happen. It is very easy to do but take your time and make sure it’s done right.

Completely doing up your guns give you the best performance possible. There are several factors that go into having a solid build. Some parts don’t mesh well with others. Some parts don’t need to be changed at all. Every gun is going to be a different case. If you ever need help with building your dream gun we are always happy to help!

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