Airsoft GI New Checkout Design

As a long time customer of Airsoft GI, since 2008 purchasing from the Airsoft GI website was slightly confusing. But recently the checkout process has been revamped in order to make purchasing easier. The new design allows our customers to examine their purchasing products as well as be able to navigate through the process. Customers can easily view their items as well as add or remove products simply.


As I navigate through this process I notice that the second step for shipping is much more organized and can easily select my preferred choice. No other “hoops to jump through.”


Thirdly, the payment page is noticeably clean and non confusing. From my shipping address above to my payment information. It’s Simple. Be sure to use the Airsoft GI Coupon Codes to help you save as well.


Before I finished processing my order, the next redesigned page allowed me to confirm my address, shipping information, as well as displaying how much money I saved at Airsoft GI. This page brought me confidence as to what I am purchasing. Oh, and be sure to click and read the Terms and Conditions box right above the “Finish Up” button.


Lastly, as the order was processed, my order number was clearly displayed as well as my purchased items and a breakdown of my savings at Airsoft GI. Overall, the newly designed website is much more organized, easily maneuverable through the checkout process. This is a nice addition to the website and has made shopping at Airsoft GI much more enjoyable.


Experience this new design yourself at and be sure to use the coupon codes to help you save even more more money. This is Marq from Airsoft GI, signing off.

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