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Month: May 2014

Airsoft GI’s Big Summer Sale June 21st!


Coming up this June 21st, we are going to be having out annual Big Summer Sale at our California walk in store. We will be having 23% off all purchases (excluding MAP priced items) as well as having over $1,500 in GI bucks to be used in the store. These GI bucks will be in different denominations, so you could get $1, $5, $20, or even more!

Besides our GI Bucks, the first 10 households in line will receive a FREE AEG! That is for just being one of the first in line! Besides that we will also be having instant winner redemption, meaning you have the chance to win an instant prize such as a can of green gas or bag of bb’s!

We will also be having a vendor section where you can come, see new products, or even get some freebies!

So be sure to mark your calendars for June 21st, and come on down to 21077 Commerce Pointe Drive, Walnut, California, 91789, for our Big Summer Sale happening from 10am to 6pm! This is one event you will not want to miss!

Memorial Day Sale and MAP Drop @!


This Memorial Day weekend a number of manufacturers are dropping their MAP pricing so you can take advantage on some great deals! The cherry on top of this awesomeness is the fact that AirsoftGI will likewise be having a special Memorial Day weekend sale with discounts up to 22% off online only on select items on & from May 23rd – May 26th!

To take advantage of our 22% off discount you can use the coupon code “Remember” in our online retail stores. But don’t forget, quite a few manufacturers are dropping their MAP pricing this weekend and beyond, so we’ve included a handy little list to keep you up to date on what products you can save money on!

Here it is:

Condor: 15% Off
Date: May 23rd – 30th

Jag Precision: 15% Off
Companies Included: Echo 1 and Socom Gear
Date: May 23rd – 26th

Spartan Imports: 22% Off
Companies Included: Cybergun, Classic Army, and King Arms
Additional Products Covered: VFC SCARs and Smith & Wesson M&P 9 series pistols
Date: May 23rd – 27th

Umarex: 22% Off
Date: May 24th – 26th

AirsoftGI Coupon Code: ‘Remember’ for 22% off select items on our online retail stores

Make sure to take advantage of these deals before they are gone for good!


Red Storm East After Action Report – Maison – Part 2

Part 1:

Upon learning that the package was behind a door not 20’ from me, I quickly began transmitting to my team, instructing them to make their way to the attic of building six. “Be sure to identify yourself when you come up the stairs, or they will shoot you.”

Once my squad arrived, I filled them in on what was happening. Our squad commander quickly tried to get on a line to our Commander but was unable to raise him. So, he sends a runner. Our runner ran all the way back to our FOB, then back to us. He was unable to find the commander but he did bring another squad and a platoon leader with him. At this point we outnumbered the militia by about 2 fold. Once we seized control of the package they decided to leave without causing a fight.

We put two men on the package and the other 14 of us formed around them. Point squad, security and rear security. We hit the shortest route out of the building, taking directions from friendly forces we passed to avoid firefights.  The point squad lead us right into our FOB without firing a shot. Package secure.

RedStormEastpic3Entrance to our FOB
Sunday, April 27th: Day Three
Sunday was probably my favorite day of this OP. The number of players had dwindled down over night and I think we landed on the perfect amount for the final day of the OP. I was warmed up, my kit had been systemized (I was running Gabe’s PIG UCR for the first time, so it took some getting used to), and I was familiar enough with the AO. My confidence level was perfect.


After Action on Day 3

This mission began in a much more organized fashion than the previous day. All of our squads were in-sync. We were to secure the 3rd floor of building 6. Squads 2 and 3 were to cover the first and second floors. We reached the target building very quickly, breached the door and made our way to the 3rd floor. We hardly encountered any resistance at all because of the quickness of our assault. We secured the building and I took up post on a corridor. Awaiting orders.

The FRAGO had finally come through. Tan forces had intel on an objective deep behind our lines. They were going to be making a push very soon and we had to do everything we could to keep them pushed back. This scenario resulted in a lot of firefights. Aggressive, close range firefights. The fact that this was the last scenario of the day also added to that aggression. I caught several BBs to the face and head during this portion of the game and shot more people in an hour than I think I ever had. It was insanity.
RedStormEastpic5Closing statement:
I am very fortunate to have attended this event. I would like to thank OLCMSS for inviting Gabe and I and I would also like to thank all of the vendors and players who attended. Without you guys, games like this would never happen. Airsoft is sustained by your dedication and loyalty to this hobby!

Thanks for reading,
GI Tactical Maison

Red Storm East After Action Report – Maison – Part 1

Friday, April 25th.
After seven hours on the road, GI Gabe and I finally arrive at the Scranton Lace Co. Area of operation for Operation Lion Claws Military Simulation Series; Red Storm East!

Upon arrival I was already impressed. The number of players and quality of their equipment was a pleasant surprise. Gabe and I made our way to the registration building and introduced ourselves to OLCMSS staff. They were fun and friendly, as usual. Once we were registered, one of the Greg Brothers took us on a brief tour of the facility, once a very successful textiles factory. Riddled with debris, broken glass, stair wells, corridors and connecting bridges, this site immediately excited me. I had very little experience with 3-dimensional warfare and this was a much sought-after challenge. We would have to cover all three dimensions at once. The enemy could attack from any direction (all sides, above and below) and rear security would be essential.


After the walkthrough of the facility, Gabe and I took time to interact with other vendors and introduce ourselves to players who were already prepping their kit. The caliber of player we met initially had me slightly intimidated. These guys meant business and I was not looking forward to going up against them. Especially at night, as the majority of tan force had NODs(Night Optic Device/Night Vision).

Saturday, April 26th: Day Two
This was the first day of gameplay. The morning started at 0530 back at our hotel. We loaded up our kit, had a short breakfast and were at the field by 0630. We set up the Airsoft GI booth, prepped our gear, attended our briefing and launched into the first game at 0900. Our objective was to cut off hostile militia forces from attacking our search team, who were looking for any game props to seize. Artillery shells, weapons caches, detonators and plutonium that could be used later in the game by whichever force it was captured by. Our squad made contact with hostile foot-mobiles almost immediately and quite honestly, we were getting our asses handed to us. Throughout the day I got warmed up. By the end of the first break I was acclimated to this 3D CQB situation. I had come to understand how to move through the field in an efficient manner that was safe for my team and myself but deadly for the OPFOR. We quickly learned to cover all doorways, cover the rear of our formation, maintain proper spacing and to be aggressive and fearless. This is how you succeed in CQB.


Part-way through day 2, I got split up from my squad. I ended up alone, making my way through building 6. I eventually found a secluded, dark and narrow stair well. This really sparked my interest because I wasn’t aware that there was another floor above me. I decided to investigate. Upon reaching the first flight, I saw a muzzle pointing down at me about 10 feet above my head. I quickly ducked under the flight and shouted “IDENTIFY”. What I got back was “SCREW YOU, YOU IDENTIFY!” so I did. “GREEN” I shouted. They replied “CLEAR. COME ON UP”. I had stumbled upon the Militia group. They were holding the attic in building 6. There were probably 7 or 8 of them on this floor, several men at each of the two stairwells, which were the only entrances to this floor, and two COs. I sort of hung out on this floor for a while, hydrated and wondered why they were just hiding up here. Eventually they let me in on their objective. They were protecting a package. Plutonium and detonators for a nuclear weapon…

Thanks for reading,
GI Tactical Maison
Stay Tuned for Part 2 of Red Storm East AAR next week!

Part 2:

Manta Weapon Accessories


I have been using Manta weapon accessories as far back as two years ago when I acquired a Manta rail cover at Shot Show 2012. I had already been having issues mounting a few of my pressure switches so when I stopped by the Manta booth I was immediately interested. Since then, I have taken my Manta rail cover all over the United States, both to operations and recreational gameplay and I am happy to report that not only did it never fail me but that it utterly exceeded my expectations. Not only that but I have recently learned that Manta rail covers are being issued for use with the M27 IAR!

Manta rail cover with pressure switch compartment

Manta weapon accessories work like any other commercially available rail covers do, they snap on over existing rails with one exception, they come with a compartment that can either hold a pressure switch or allow you to route cables connected to your accessories through them. This can take care of a lot of cables jumbling around on the outside of your gun without having to use electrical tape or zip ties. I actually used to wrap excess cables around my gun in order to keep them from flopping around which did work, most of the time, but it made my gun look absolutely hideous.

lm4 5
My KWA LM4 PTS with a Manta rail cover mounted on the left side

I have even used my Manta rail cover to add a pressure switch to my Tokyo Marui AK. This was a last minute modification I used for Tim VS Bob 5 in order to add both a pressure switch as well as a flashlight and to be honest it worked out spectacularly. It may have looked a bit off but I thought it was completely in line with how my rebel forces operate. We don’t have to look good as long as we get the job done!

manta ak
My Tokyo Marui AK with Manta rail cover duct-tape-mounted on the top of the handguard