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Month: June 2013

Classic Army M249 MK2 On GITV

If you are looking for a Squad automatic weapon (SAW) the CA M249 may be the best option for you. (more…)

Magic Box Miracle Barrel, a New Step in Airsoft Precision Technology?

We recently received the Magic Box Miracle Barrels in, and we wanted to compare them against the existing barrels on the market. We took a 395 mm Miracle barrel and tested it against the 509 mm tightbore Lonex barrel to see what the effective range was in hitting a man size target. Needless to say, we were very impressed with how the new Miracle Barrels preformed and we hope you are too. Be sure to check them out on our website!

Bob’s Scouts Knives Loadout!

We received many requests for the gear that was worn during the Scouts Knives video, and this is our response.  Bob goes over his kit as well as some funny happenings throughout the day of filming/gaming. (more…)

In This Week’s Top 5….

Thanks for all your submissions! We have some great videos for you and we hope you enjoy. All the video links are below, and if you think you have something better, send it in to [email protected]!

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Number 2

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Honorable Mention

There was this one time at SC Viper…

Tim & Bob share some airsoft war stories! Feel free to go to AirsoftGITV Blog’s “War Stories” page and comment to add your own!