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Month: January 2013

SOCOM GEAR Barrett REC 7 – New Release!

Socom Gear is excited to announce the Barrett REC7 Rifle! Barrett is the world leader in large-caliber rifle design and manufacturing and as Barrett has stated, “Compact, accurate and completely trustworthy, the REC7 is designed specifically for situations in which there’s no room for error. This tough-as-nails rifle was designed specifically to answer the call for a low-maintenance, enhanced reliability carbine.” It comes in 8.7”, 10.5”, and 14.5” full metal body and rail rifle lengths. This fully trademarked M4 features both deep engraving and laser etching. The T6 Aluminum materials used make this rifle durable and mobile. It’s a rear wired M4 with battery compartments located in the stock, it comes with a one-piece hop up unit and a functioning charging handle. All REC7’s come standard with the Daniel Defense OmegaX rail system

Madbull Giveaway Contest!

Hello fans! Madbull Airsoft is back with another event!

Last week Madbull Airsoft asked you fans what you wish to win for next prize and guess what??


Urban Assault Rifle

A cool new rifle just hit the Airsoft GI marketing department, the UAR, Urban Assault Rifle.

Internals….. The Functionality of a Piston.

Gears are one of the important aspects inside a gearbox. Next on the list is the Piston. The piston is what formulates the initial compression of the gun, along with other parts such as the spring, cylinder, and more.. The piston is what the gears will catch on to, allowing the spring tension to increase as the piston is pulled back, and then released to generate the compressed air inside the cylinder. The compressed air is then used to propel the projectile forward.


Gun Bag Hot Deal Continues……

The hot deal continues. For $158, you can own this KWA USP and a gun bag! Click the above image for more details!