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Month: July 2011

An Article on the New G4 Eagle Now Available From Airsoft GI

The first thing one notices about the G4 Eagle when picking it up is how lightweight it is. When shouldered, the gun is remarkable comfortable. The crane stock has almost no wobble at all (even less than most of the real guns) and the pistol grip is remarkably similar to a high-end real-steel grip with how comfortably it fits into your hand. The Eagle features a slim-design aluminum UTG PRO rail system providing more than enough real estate for any accessories that you could possibly want to add, and it’s slim enough to be comfortable in you hands even without the addition of a vertical grip. A vertical grip would probably be a good addition simply for the added efficiency and comfort, but it’s nice to not have to need it right away. It even features multiple QD sling mounts along the sides so that the sling can be completely adjusted to be comfortable for any player. The monolithic top rail is nice also because it means not having to worry about a gap hindering the location of sight mounts when swapping from sight to sight and scope to scope.
The gun also features the functioning forward assist and blowback system that many of the guns in the G4 lineup have, adding a welcome extra element of realism with being able to see and hear as the “bolt” cycle back and forth. The fact that the gearbox and all the internals are from G&G’s combat machine lineup means that you will be getting a reliable, high quality all metal gearbox with strong internals that you wont have to worry about leaving you stranded when you need it.
One of the most notable parts of this gun is the reason behind its name. The rail system is manufactured here in the United States and the gun itself is assembled here in California, making it possibly one of the most “American” airsoft guns on the market. The Eagle name seems only fitting considering this fact.
Between the high quality UTG aluminum rail system, the incredibly comfortable pistol grip, the blowback system, and the strong, high quality internals, the G4 Eagle is sure to be a strong competitor in any game and a great addition to any player’s arsenal.

Check Out Some New Products from Airsoft GI!

Check out these cool new products now available from Airsoft GI

Under Armour Tactical UA HG Tactical Hood – Available in OD and Desert

Under Armour Tactical FR Liner Glove – Available in Desert, OD, Foliage and Black

Under Armour Tactical Combat Glove – Available in Black and Desert

Airsoft GI G4 Eagle 9″ Mid Length Carbine Blowback Version Airsoft Gun

Airsoft GI G4 Eagle 12″ Mid Length Carbine Blowback Version Airsoft Gun

WG Sport 331 15rds CO2 Magazine

Save Phace Fan Kit for Tactical Masks

Airsoft GI PE Motor Connectors

Airsoft GI marketing team private game at SC Viper

Jet opened up SC Viper for the marketing team here at Airsoft GI to get in a few private games last week. We had a lot of cameras present and tried a new look for the GITV action videos. Check it out!

Tim’s review of the new KWA Mk23 US Socom and some new products from Airsoft GI!

Its gas gun season all summer long, and luckily for you KWA has an incredible lineup of gas guns to choose from. Check out Tim’s review of the new KWA Mk23 US Socom.

Also, check out some of our new products from Under Armour!

Under Armour Tactical Speed Shirt – Available in Desert And Black

Under Armour Tactical Performance Polo – Available in Desert and Black

Under Armour Tactical Multicam Tee

Under Armour Tactical Comp HG Tee

Under Armour Tactical CG Crew – Available in OD, Black, and Desert

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