Get Out and Play

Month: October 2010

Quick PSA From Airsoft GI.

You may notice that we at Airsoft GI do not promote Halloween on our website, this is because we believe that Airsoft and Halloween is a very dangerous mix.
We at Airsoft GI hope you as a Airsofter understand that taking a Airsoft gun into a public area, even as a prop can result in a lethal police reaction. Remember that just because you and your friends realize that it is not a real gun, the general public does not even with a orange flash hider people will misidentify your replica as a real gun. Help keep Airsoft the growing industry it is today and do not take your Airsoft gun out on Halloween.
Airsoft GI Wishes everyone a safe and happy Halloween.

Aaron’s blog on the Madbull Gemtech Tracer Unit.

The Madbull Gemtech “Blackside” Tracer Unit is the newest and most realistic Tracer Unit on the market. The most obvious change of this Tracer Unit over previous units the is the body itself, usually tracers are very basic, but since Madbull has Gemtech licensing they were able to create a realistic Blackside Unit. The unit is not much heavier then the normal Blackside and is very solid in construction, the overall quality of the exterior is superb just like the barrel extension. The same trademarks from the barrel extension are present and the finish is the same anodized aluminum.

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Special Shocker Today at 5PM PST! Don’t Miss it!

Today (10/27/2010) at 5 PM Pacific time (8PM Eastern) there will be a special shocker sale for one hour. We will have our new Airsoft GI G4 BBs in the shocker for an extremely low price. We want to get a lot of these bags out in order for you guys to test them out and give us some feedback about the quality and performance. This… is your chance to save on some high quality .20g, .25g, and .28g BBs. Don’t miss out!

Mission accomplished sale from Airsoft GI.

To celebrate the completion of our warehouse move we are putting a sale into effect.

All of our tactical gear is 10% off right now, if you use coupon code “hot” you can save another 10% and if you order over $100 you get free UPS ground shipping that means a savings of 22-27% depending on where you live.
This sale is going to end on Sunday October 31st at 11:59pm pacific time. Act fast because its going to be over before you know it.

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Aarons Latest blog on the Phantom Soft Shell.

The OE TECH Phantom soft shell jacket is the newest addition to the OE TECH apparel line up. The Phantom takes on many attributes of the previous OE TECH Soft shell but also adds a couple very distinct changes to the design. The Phantom is made out of the same material as the previous soft shell and is great at deflecting water and keeping you warm.

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