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Month: May 2010

Airsoft GI’s Memorial Day Sale is Happening Right Now!


Take a Close Look at the KJW KP07 and Echo 1 ER16!

Once again Magpul Revolutionizes the Way We Do Things!

Once again Magpul revolutionizes the way we do things. The old days of getting frustrated, sore fingers, and time consuming pouch rigging are over now that Magpul have streamlined the process with their speed threader, watch and learn.

Heckler and Koch Officiall Licensed G36C Airsoft Gun

We Want You
We Want You

Airsoft GI Wants You! To give us your opinion on this piece of work. We don’t normally carry products of this low caliber but it is Officially Licensed by HK and it is an offical H&K G36c airsoft gun…let us know what you think in the youtube comments below the video:

Clint Shows us His Gear in Another Episode of Tactical Gear Heads