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Month: April 2010

SOCOM Gear Lipoly Batteries Review *Extensive

TRUE 15C Battery!!!
Not China-made RC LIPO batteries!!!

MODEL# 07 [11.1V, 1000mAh, 15C][Stock-Fit Version]
Special designed for M4/ AR buttstock

Quote from Airsoft Soldier professional review:

“The results
Looking at the difference between RC and airsoft manufacturers’ batteries, the results were favourable to the airsoft batteries in the S3 class. Especially the Socom Gear S3 1500 mAh 15C solid pack exceeded all expectations and achieved the best result in the power test.”

“The tests showed that the traditionally shaped Socom Gear batteries proved to be very effective and powerful batteries.”

“C-ratings could only be measured for S3 batteries because of equipment restrictions. Socom Gear’s products gave as much as the pack promised, but the RC batteries were a bit short of their objective.”

Lipo Chart
Lipo Chart

Lipo Tube
Lipo Tube

Lipo Article
Lipo Article

The class also saw initiation

The class also saw initiation of the National Honor Society and Student Council form of government. Robert Mitchell, an art teacher at Weston High School chosen to give the faculty commencement address, tells the 127 graduates of Weston High School to search for “a new idealism.” Anthony Brian Griffin is valedictorian and Alison Marie Hotard the salutatarian. Wimmer Lane Coder Sr.

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I think I have a couple more reasons

“I think I have a couple more reasons to dislike them. I’m not focused on that. I’m looking to beat them and move on to the next series.”USA TODAYCarlos Beltran, Adrian Beltre have to win first World Series of careersNow that theclubs are meeting again in the playoffs, some Rangers acknowledge that’s exactly what they wanted.”After last year, I wanted to face them again and, of course, get the win this time,” said shortstop Elvis Andrus, whose two errors in that fateful seventh inning helped ignite the Blue Jays’ comeback..

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Madbull Ambi Tactical Charging Handle Latch


Quick Charging Latch/ Ambidextrous Tactical Latch:
Allows left hand operation when using a scope.
Featuring The Big Latch, Increases safety by inhibiting harmful blowback gas and oil particles from striking shooter’s face and glasses.
Realistic charging handle finish.

Smith & Wesson M4 Carbine OEM by ICS

The new S&W M4 is, for all intensive purposes, an ICS sportline AEG. It has all of the great features that make ICS guns unique, but for a much more affordable price.