Madbull has an Awesome New Silencer/Tracer!

MADBULL Revolutionary Tracer Silencer:
– 100% built by our EE team. Develop from scratch.
– Max. sensitivity: 35 BB/ sec (the best in the market)
– Low battery consumption 3 AAA rechargeable;
– 1/2 less current than TM latest model;
– USB connector;
– Low price

This is a prototype. More “secret” features and functions will be available soon.

The Airsoft GI G4 A3 and A5

A quick overview of the Airsoft GI G4 A3 and A5. The A3 might look like a regular M4 carbine but it’s so much more. The A3 is loaded with features that other manufacturers can’t offer, and to upgrade a regular M4 like that would cost hundreds! The A5 is a versatile mid-length carbine, with a 12″ RIS, it has the most rail space of any G4 Series.