Airsoft GI War Stories


 AAR Rebel Training Camp: Northern Resistance Game 3

So, this is where the day got really crazy! Both games 3 & 4 had not only the capture rules in effect, but they also had multiple vehicles, rocket launchers, and C4 props. Overall the games were very exciting, however, because of all the extra things we decided to throw in, it certainly got to be a little bit harder to follow even for myself.

game 3

The scenarios for Games 3 & 4 were essentially the same with each team switching sides and objectives so that both teams got equal time fighting with and then against vehicles.


I’d like to give a quick rundown on the vehicles we were using for this scenario, more specifically the two buggies and an Oldsmobile Cutlass we used as an APC. The first buggy has four seats, 1 for the driver and three for passengers. It also had a joystick with a small monitor mounted directly in front of the forward passenger compartment, essentially making that passenger the gunner for the “minigun” on top. Now, the minigun on top of the buggy is actually a fake shell with barrels that spin when the gun fires and it houses a P90 with dual sector gears as well as a high capacity box magazine. The screen in front of the passenger compartment can also be switched from regular video to thermal, so you can kick it over in low light and just shoot at heat signatures! Awesome! The smaller buggy is essentially a two person scouting vehicle. Both the driver and the passenger can carry weapons but it doesn’t’ have near the same firepower as the larger buggy. The last vehicle that we used was the previously mentioned Oldsmobile Cutlass and was used to transport rebels to specific areas of the battlefield as well as to provide mobile cover.

Game3 2

For Game 3, my team would be starting with the vehicles between Killhouse 3 and the Bank. Josh’s team would begin the game with both the Rocket launcher and two sets of C4 between the Motor Cycle shop and the Bail Bonds building. My objectives were to capture 4 different intel crates which were worth 2 points a piece that were randomly placed on the field and are marked on the map with red X’s. Josh’s team was not allowed to move the intel crates and my team had to bring them back to our spawn in order to score points, so the objectives would be fairly static for this evolution.

game 3 starting pos and obj

My plan was to throw everything I had at the two crates that were furthest away from my starting position. I did this hoping that when my team captured those crates that we would at least have an easier chance at the remaining crates since they would be closer… not all went according to plan. As my Half-Life: Opposing Force manual once said, “No plan survives first contact intact.”

Within the first 5 minutes both of my buggies were blown up by Josh’s forces and my rebels were left with just infantry to make it to both the airport and the office. I must admit that not only was Daniel engaging the buggies at point blank range with the rocket launcher but also that Team Disposable Heroes was doing some excellent work with their C4 packs. Now, when a vehicle is blown up by either the rocket launcher or C4 it means said vehicle is out of action for 10 minutes, which, in a 40 minute game, means that vehicle is gone for a big chunk of that evolution. This meant that taking out the vehicles or keeping the vehicles alive, depending on what side you were on, was definitely a huge priority.

game 3 rocket

This situation notwithstanding, my rebels were still able to secure the intel case located in the airport with some hard fighting and some creative jumps through windows. A few more rebels were able to bring it back to our spawn, giving us 2 points. Once our vehicles were resurrected I promptly sent them to the office to secure crate number two. Now, I had wanted to keep most of the vehicles together in order to steam roll whatever was in front of them, but halfway through the game I had decided to send the Cutlass APC over to where we thought crate 3 was located. I did this in order to split the anti-armor fire we were receiving and it seemed to work, the rocket rounds and C4 my buggies were getting hit with did seem to slack off once I sent the Cutlass into the middle of the city. In fact, this is what probably allowed us to seize the second crate in the last half of this evolution giving us a further 2 points.

game 3 dh2

Again, I have to hand it to Josh and Team Disposable heroes because they really put the hammer to my vehicles. I had roughly one vehicle destroyed every 5 minutes, which definitely affected my team’s advance. Josh did a very good job of leading his anti-armor teams around the field and basically making my job that much harder. I did have a chance to review the footage after the event and I must say that I was very impressed with Team Disposable Heroes’ consummate tactics when it came to taking out my buggies. In one instance I can recall they sent one man out in front of the buggy as a rabbit to distract the buggy’s gunner, while the other teammate would rush around the back and plant C4 on the buggy’s exterior plating. This tactic was rather effective against my vehicles and they used it multiple times during that evolution.

game3 dh1

They even went so far as to run directly through the center of my lines to plant C4 on a buggy. I watched them in awe thinking, “Look at these crazy guys…”

game 3 dh run

Still, I was damn proud of my Rebels for capturing two intel crates that were incredibly hard just to get close to. The score at the end of this evolution was as follows:

Josh’s Team: 6 points

Bob’s Team: 13 points

The final AAR for Bob’s Rebel Training Camp: Northern Resistance is soon to follow, so stay tuned!

 AAR Rebel Training Camp: Northern Resistance Game 2

The second evolution in the Rebel Training Camp: Northern Resistance was centered on 4 newly-constructed destroyable buildings that Gamepod Combat Zone staff had just fabricated in the days leading up to the event. Essentially, they were air cannons filled with pancake mix that could be detonated using two audio cables and a detonator with a single red button. This system could actually be moved around to just about any building in the complex, making search and destroy scenarios almost endlessly variable. In addition, Gamepod staff tested which powder mixes were the easiest to wipe off of gear and found that flour is the worst/hardest to clean off of gear and pancake mix was by far the easiest.

After all, it can be very invigorating to destroy an objective but to have that followed up with powder that is hard to clean off gear can be a frustrating situation. Thankfully, with a little play testing by the Gamepod staff, disaster was averted and a ridiculous new game prop was created!


©2014 Terrence Taylor

So, I’m sure you are wondering what the setup and force dispositions were for this game. Luckily, using MS Paint like a complete champ, I have created a diagram which you can see below that shows my forces’ starting position in orange, Josh’s forces’ starting position in green, as well as the objective buildings for each side marked with an X of the corresponding color. Each team had to destroy their objective buildings as well as prevent the enemy from destroying their own respective buildings. Overall, this was a very fun game with quite a few heart pumping moments, so let’s get into how the game went!

rtc game 2 objectives buildings

First and foremost, it is important to note who was carrying the detonators as they became engineers and, thusly, high value targets who could be captured for this evolution. On my side, I asked Greg “Spartan117GW” Wong to carry the detonator and on Josh’s side he requested that Daniel be his engineer. Both Josh and I seemed to have made VERY fortuitous decisions!

gamepod detontator

My plan from the get go was not to focus too much on preventing the enemy from getting to their buildings as I knew I could send a token force in front of those buildings that would at the very least slow down Josh’s advance. Therefore, I decided to focus about 2/3 of my force on pushing toward our objective buildings while the remainder of my rebel troopers would do their best to prevent Josh’s forces from detonating their objectives.

game 2

My plan worked seemingly well, as my forces were able to detonate both buildings within the first 15 minutes of the allotted 30 minutes for this evolution. Our concentrated push got us from the airport all the way up to the end of 4th street at kill house 3 by the end of 15 minutes at which point our last objective building was detonated by Greg Wong thereby earning us our 4 pts for this game (2 pts per building). At this point, I began shifting rebels over to 2nd and 3rd street in order to cover the enemy’s objectives, because at that point all we had to do was hold out until the end of the evolution.

greg detonates

From Josh’s side there was no coordinated effort to prevent our advance on our own objective buildings which would account for our speedy success. Now, because we had complete control of 4th street that also allowed my forces to engage Josh’s team from the side further slowing their advance toward their own objectives. Because his team was engaged from the side as well as being engaged by my token force from the front, Josh’s forces had a tough slog getting to each of their objective buildings in turn. However, with some hard fighting and excellent use of cover Josh’s rebels, they were able to detonate their first building with only 10 minutes remaining in the evolution. Luckily, Team Disposable Heroes were on top of their game as far as escorting Daniel, and the detonator he was carrying, to each objective building. As soon as their first objective was detonated they rushed Daniel directly across the field and into the next building, all the while putting themselves in between the incoming BB’s and Daniel, the engineer.

game 2 dh run

Now here’s where the story gets a bit more interesting…

At some point after Daniel detonated his first building, possibly during the frantic pell-mell rush across the field to the next objective, one of the audio cable pins was ripped completely off of Daniels detonator. With only minutes remaining Daniel pulled out his detonator, ready to obliterate the last objective building only to see one audio cable pin and one set of frayed wires. Daniel turned around to the ref and yelled “The cable is busted, what do I do?!” And the ref responded with, “Hey man its real world, make it count!” And, make it count he did. Daniel proceeded to plug in the remaining working audio cable then literally shoved the frayed wires into the receptor and hit the big red button with all the gusto he could manage and… the building detonated.

game 2 detonation

With less than 10 seconds remaining in the game Daniel was able to detonate the last objective building giving Josh’s team the first head-to-head tie of the day. I must admit after I heard the story I felt equal parts embarrassed and overjoyed. I felt embarrassed because I was personally organizing a defense of the building and we were just about to go charging around the corner when the building detonated and the game ended. But, I felt overjoyed because when Daniel finally told me what had happened, I though it sounded AWESOME! I mean moments like those are what airsoft is all about for me! The moments where your heart is pounding in your chest while the seconds tick by and you are just hoping you don’t get shot before you complete your objective, are exactly why I love the hell out of this game!

game 2 daniel detonate

So, cheers to Daniel for his epic detonations, hooray to Greg for getting our buildings detonated as quickly and as Wong’ly as possible, and thank you to all the amazing rebels that came out for a great day of training and game play!

game 2 greg

With each team scoring 4 points for detonating both of their objectives the score for the day at the end of Game 2 was as follows:

Josh’s Rebels: 6 points

Bob’s Rebels: 9 points

Make sure to stay tuned for an AAR of Games 3 & 4 to follow!

…In fact, here is the video for Games 3 & 4 in case you just want to watch it now!


AAR Rebel Training Camp: Northern Resistance Game 1

training camp north

So, I had planned the first game of RTC: Northern Resistance to be relatively simple with the following games adding more and more complexity to the day. For the first mission there were no capture rules and only 5 crates randomly place on the battlefield along with a nuke in the center that had to be recovered. Josh’s forces started just next to the airport and behind the clinic whereas my forces were starting at the Drive-in Movie Theater.

rtc game 1 start pos

[The orange box with shows Bob’s starting location and the green box shows Josh’s starting location.]

My initial plan was to have my forces hit all four main streets and push as far as they could until they encountered heavy resistance. I knew that I had to stake my claim on as much of the battlefield as I could early on to achieve success for this mission. Half of my forces went to the left and the right of the drive-in movies rushing straight down 1st and 2nd street with the rest of my forces proceeding further left then rushing down 3rd and 4th. I expected this shock assault to give my forces at least a few minutes of breathing room to find the Nuke which was, for this game, worth a fair amount of points.

rtc game 1 objectives[In the photo above, weapons-grade uranium cases are marked with a red “X” and the nuclear warhead is denoted with a red “N.” ]

Josh for his part had a similar plan but with a slower tempo. He had wanted to move building by building, block to block, slowly pushing our forces back to our spawn, which would give his team time to scour the battlefield for crates and the nuke. When the game started his forces did not move as quickly out of their spawn point as mine did, which created a bottleneck in the buildings surrounding their spawn. By the time Josh’s fighters finally began rushing out of the clinic and their spawn, my forces had already seized a majority of the battle space, thereby handing me the initiative.

rtc game 1 forces

[In the photo above, orange boxes show the location of Bob’s forces, whereas the green boxes denote where Josh’s forces are located. Again, boxes with an X in them are team respawn and the red markers are objectives.]

Now, to be fair I did have previous experience fighting at Gamepod against the cream of the crop of the Timperial Armed Forces. I used that experience and knowledge of past mistakes to test out new plans on Josh’s forces. Part of this involved rushing my forces as far down the battlefield as possible in an attempt to control specific corners and make Josh’s job of moving his troops out of spawn quite a bit harder. Another aspect to this, was making sure that my Rebels were making sufficient use of Gamepod’s cover and buildings.

nuke grab

Something I noticed at TVB V much to my dismay was that the vast majority of my rebel troopers preferred to stay outside of buildings rather than get inside and use them as cover. Making sure my rebels took cover in buildings was something that I tried to focus on in the hopes that it would help my troops survive longer. This may seem like something that is a no brain’er but I can personally attest as to how tempting it is to stay outside of a building so that you can still be free to move…ESPECIALLY if there are armed vehicles prowling the terrain. If you get caught in a building and the buggy decides to park and lay waste to that same building, you are essentially pinned down until a rocket team can come up or someone has the stones to hit the buggy with some C4.


Throughout this game, Josh and Daniel attempted to breakout of their side of the field using a number of techniques including human wave assaults, bounding, and generally launching people into the closest window of any building they could find. Unfortunately for them, my forces were able to hold the majority of the battlefield for the better part of the allotted game time. This allowed me to capture two crates of weapons-grade uranium as well as the nuclear warhead. Josh’s forces were still able to capture two crates, which meant that one crate was missed and ultimately not recovered by either team when the game ended.

rtc game 1 objectives secured

Essentially, this game wasn’t just a learning experience for our players; it was a learning experience for all of us. I learned what tactics worked on the strategic level against similar forces in an urban setting, Josh had his first taste of command and all of the nuances that experience entails, and our customers and friends learned a lot about airsoft in general from some incredibly well qualified military and law enforcement personnel. Overall it was an amazing first mission and it was certainly one of the many reasons why I love my job.

proud of my rebels

God Bless America!

For your Perusal, here is the finished game video for the first two games:

My First Real Game

I can still remember my first real, competitive airsoft game. I had played before, but only with spring-powered guns and a couple of friends without any structured game styles. One of my roommates was into airsoft, and right after we moved in I had seen one of his AEG’s, and when I asked about it, he told me about his different CQB and field guns, the team he was on, and some of the stories they had. I had no idea that airsoft was such a big deal. I told him about what little experience I had, and he invited me to come out to play that weekend.

When we got to the field I couldn’t believe how many people I saw walking around in full tactical gear and the guns that they had. My roommate had let me borrow one of his AEGs, a few magazines, and one of his spare chest rigs so I would have a place to carry them. When we got out onto the field it was completely different than the “airsoft games” I had played with my friends before, and far more intense than I had expected. Luckily, our first game scenario allowed for unlimited respawns, because it didn’t take very long before Id been hit after the game started. Each time I ran back to our respawn point and got back into the game, I picked up on the actions and movements of my team members and got a little better.

Finally, in the last game of the day, I quietly crept into one of the buildings that I had seen a player from the opposite team walk into, and I could feel my heart beating in my throat because I had no idea where in the building he was and I felt like I was in way over my head. I made sure to keep as quiet as possible, knowing that I definitely didn’t want to be shot at such close quarters, and just as I rounded a corner I saw my target aiming out the back door. I had to step back and catch my breath for a second, hoping he hadn’t heard me coming. I brought my AEG back up to my shoulder, slowly rounded the corner, crept up behind him and shouted “SURRENDER!” I couldn’t believe that I’d managed to get a surrender kill in my first real airsoft game, and in my excitement I moved out into the doorway and was hit by one of his teammates right as the ref called the end of the game.

I had died right before the end of the game, but I didn’t care. I’d had an absolute blast on the field during my first day of airsoft and knew that at that point, I was hooked. At first, my roommate didn’t even believe that I’d surrendered another player. Since that day I’ve played dozens of games and taken out numerous other players, but I’ll never forget that first day.

Skills vs. Numbers

I love making people fall on the field of battle, there’s just something very satisfying and entertaining about it.  It’s kind of like crossing someone over in basketball so well that they trip themselves up on their own feet trying to stay with you.  So it’s just my friend, David, and I versus a team of five guys.  They were all friends and didn’t want to get split up, David and I didn’t mind, we were feeling confident that day.  We were playing in a CQB arena that we knew pretty well so I decide to cover the left side of the field as David covers the right; we agree that an overly aggressive approach would probably end the game quickly.  So when the ref called “GO!” we hunkered down in areas where we could scan a large portion of the field.  I see three guys advancing on me, I’m exchanging fire but not really hitting anything, suddenly David yells, “Minus one!”  Good there’s only four left, “Minus another one!” David yells again.  It was then that I realize all of the enemy are on my side of the field so I said, “Your side is clear move all the way up!”  As David begins to sprint up the right side of the field I start hosing the barricades that people are hiding behind to give him cover.  Simultaneously one guy gets brave and begins to stand up to try and hit David as he’s running across the field.  He must have forgotten about me because as soon as his head clears the haystack he was behind he turns his head away from his gun and at me, giving me a blank stare.  I’m sure his brain was telling him to get back to cover but that probably got confused with the barrage of BBs hitting his face mask because after I started firing all I could see from behind that haystack was a pair of flailing arms and an airborne pistol followed by a crashing noise.

I wanted to laugh but there were still two guys shooting at me so I had to turn my attention to them.  I start making my way up the field to get better shots.  I’m shooting from behind cover at this other guy who is also well hidden, he was crouching down but still flat on both feet.  He suddenly stops firing and quickly looks to his left.  David had flanked him and he let out a very girlish yell as he falls to the floor.  Technically he didn’t call “Hit” but I knew he was out so I stopped firing.  The very last guy that was left was petrified between a trashcan and a pallet.  David had jumped over the last guy he just shot, and I immediately advanced.  David spotted the last guy from behind the trash can as I saw him through the pallet, he never had a chance…

…I think those five guys went home after that game.

My 1st Kill

It was my first time Airsofting. It was behind a bunch of big houses with a lot of land, a lot of trees, and a lot of shade. With a bunch of places to hide, I thought that this was the perfect environment to get my first kill.
We started off in a 5-man group and made our way into the forest/shrubbery. One of my buddies found a nice building at the base of a tree where 3 paths connected. We personally made that building our base to hold and protect. We were ordered to have 2 men patrol the building. The other 3 were to find good hiding spots down the 3 paths and take out any intruders. I was one of the 3.
As I try to find my hiding spot, I realized that there was a shallow stream that followed the path and veered of course; a perfect place for opfor to advance without being seen. I found a strategic vantage point under a bush that kept a low level eye on the pathway while facing the stream.
After several minutes of surveillance, I saw an Opfor inching his way towards our building. As he approached my position I realized he had no idea that I was under the bush. I didn’t want to shoot through the bush as it would ricochet my BB’s off target. And every time I moved my gun, the bush made a sound. I couldn’t make any fast movements. As he inched closer, I inched my AK towards his direction. By the time I had the AK pointed his way, he was about 9 feet away. I sight in. BOOM! 3 shots in full auto!! 2 to the neck and 1 to the face! My first kill was a headshot. I was pretty ecstatic.
Less than a minute later, an enemy headshots me from the stream. As I make my way down the path with my red-dead rag on, I wear a smile under my facemask. I was just glad that I got my first kill before my first death.

The Sundering

My buddy and I are assigned to a 10 man squad for Army Rangers during Operation New Horizon II. We’re both given the role of riflemen. After the first encounter with the “neutral” force, we hear over our coms: “Neutrals are now Friendly, over” “Cool..roger that”. Our squad then advances towards the enemy line. We travel through a dirt road next to a steep hill. With our flanks exposed, we file into a column formation. After traveling for about 15-20 minutes, we hear a loud bang and lots of cursing. The commotion came from the point man and nearby players next to him. Curiously, my friend and I break formation and head over to the front of the column. Two landmines had gone off. Half the squad is deemed “dead” and have to take a 20 minute long hike back down the hill and to our respawn.
After realizing that our squad had taken tremendous casualties, the remaining players head off towards the fray. We come across the line into a forked road. A few civilian looking players, clad in white garbs, come out of a makeshift hut and begin yelling at us. They yell “Go Home, Leave”. At this point I was designated squad leader according to rank (the squad leader was “killed” during the blast). I called HQ for orders and a raspy voiced responded with “uhh… roger that, engage over”. I wasn’t too clear if we needed to engage the “civilians” or if they were hostile or something, so I ordered to stay put. Moments later the “civilians” open fire with just about everything; machineguns, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, the whole shebang.
Out of the remaining five guys, three of them salute me, pick up their gear and run as fast as possible in the opposite direction. My friend looks at me and says “FML”. So now its up to my buddy and I against 20+ hostiles (who were at the beginning of the game: Friendly) We take cover inside of a small building adjacent to the forked road, and immediately call for help. ” ” then “” and finally “uhh, that’s a negative on that, we’re pushing towards objective Bravo at the moment… we can’t spare anybody” This message discouraged the heck out of us, but bb’s only hurt temporarily, so we fought on. We take turns firing, cover firing, then reloading. Soon we realize that we’re running out of ammo, so we lay out all of our magazines on the floor. Our magazine pool was four plus the remaining bb’s in our rifles. We split it down the middle then suddenly we hear a banging on the door followed by a yell “You’re Surrounded, Surrender!!”
We are surrounded by armed civilians and of course the team they were helping, the Marines. We hole up and shoot at anything that moved beyond the small windows located in our makeshift bunker. Time after time, each attempt of breaching our defenses was thwarted by our defensive fire. Minutes seemed like hours as we held poised in the same crouched position. After emptying all of our magazines, we were ready to accept our inevitable demise. However, as soon as our last dry fire burst belched from our empty rifles, we heard a horn. It turned out that our team had been assaulting the main objective (Objective Bravo) the entire time, with minimal resistance. We walked out, as the game was over, and saw 60+ players outside of our small, cramped house. We were holding back half their team. A simple mistake made us bog down their much needed reinforcements long enough to end the game. Wow…

12 thoughts on “Airsoft GI War Stories

  1. My first game was at Fort Riley, we played at the CactF (scale mock village). My team was OpFor. As soon as we saw BlueFor heading up over the horizon down the road, I stared through the scope of my AWS L96 Arctic Warfare edition. As the word was spread that the enemy approached I waited for the green light to open fire. As soon as the go ahead was passed down, I opened fire with rapid succession and with deadly accuracy. Within the first 30 seconds of the game i’d taken out 8 guys and wounded 2 more while they tried to find cover.

    In all the game was a success, they had to change the rules for our team even though we were so vastly outnumbered by at least 4/1, we still were managing to wipe the field with them.

    On the last day at they very last 50 minutes of gameplay, the BlueFor team raided our hotel compund. I was covering ground from a 2nd story window. As I heard the enemy making their way up the stairs to my level i took cover behind a file cabinet. A few moments later a member of the BlueFor team emerged from the hall into my room, as his initial sweep of the room singled out the room as a non-threat, and as he began to walk back into the hall, I slowly began to slip out from behind my cover and proceeded to lightfoot my way up to him and grab him by his rig strap. “You’re my prisoner now” are the words that left my mouth, as the blood rushed through my body as my mind raced thinking of all of the possible scenarios that could unfold, I hear one of his team mates shout his name and poke his head in the room, I fired a quick shot into his neck, and pushed his buddy into the hall and made a beeline for the stairwell to make it to the roof with the rest of my squad and link up to secure our prisoners.

    Probably my most epic game. but nothing is like the real thing.

  2. My first airsoft war was a hunt.
    It was me vs. 3 of my friends. My 3 friends had 1 shotgun they were the hunters I had a Pistol, I was the hunted.
    I had 1 min start before they would start to come and hunt me. I know I wasn’t going to win but I was going to take some of them with me. My advantage it’s my place I know the land, their advantage numbers and they have a longer range weapon.
    I run to a little dirt pile that was covered in weeds and waited until my three friends came up I made the mistake of sticking my head up early with friend with the shot gun fired at me and hit the Bush to the right of me. I instantly returned fire and hit my friend on the right square in the chest one down to two go. My friend with the shotgun shot again with the same Bush will close for me this time I shot again hit my friend on the left in the shoulder two down one to go. My friend with shock and was reloading my pistol was jammed with my friends done reloading might clear the jam we shot at the same time I missed he me right between the eyes no joke right between the eyes.
    We all laughed about it later saying, I could hit everything but the one target that mattered.

  3. My first kill was at my first airsoft game about 3 years ago. Me and my friends went to our local field for practice. I had never played. When we got there we only played with three or four guys plus our five. It was free-for-all. I was in a bush watching over the com-tower. I was almost asleep when I saw the guy running towards a latter. I was using my KM4 IRS by KWA. It’s a very good gun. The target was about 30 yards away. I took aim and just hammered the guy all up and down his left side. I killed about three or for other guys before the game was over. After the game I saw the game I shot icing the left side of is left leg. I of course was strangely proud

  4. My first & one of my greatest Wars was at friends place, two houses up the street. In this instance it was to the death. My brother was w/me, but left about 20 seconds later he left, when I caught up to him, he said it was because they were being unsafe & stupid w/their guns. This was completely true.When I got back, Jeremy, the youngest in our group was somewhat unsure he wanted to play. The enemy team leader walked up to him to try to convince him to stay. He was tall, lanky, had short blonde hair, black shades & vest & jeans, wielded an plastic assault rifle & was a complete idiot. He said “oh come on, it doesn’t hurt that much. Here…”. He pulled his Gas Powered, Blow-back Pistol out of his holster, put it right to Jeremy’s vest, & fired. He, of course screamed out of pain, when their team left we checked under his shirt & he had small gray mark on his shoulder. I was outraged, started yelling & spitting & cursing at them. “Why Did The Other Kid Leave” their leader asked. “‘Cause You Guys Are Dumba**es” I replied. They didn’t shoot me on site like expected, they seemed to prefer saving it for the war. Jeremy obviously left, off which my teammates were more disappointed about being outnumber 4-3 than outraged for why he left. The first battle was on our street & Jeremy watched, not that our leader Andrew cared whether or not he got caught in the crossfire. He’s about average height, tan, whore only a T-shirt shorts, wielded gas pistol & goggles for protection. I whore jeans, a long sleeve shirt, my Canyon High hoodie & face mask & was wielding a plastic M83(I have metal AK now). Our team started at Andrew’s house & they started near my house. When the battle started, my gun jammed & Andrew gave me his plastic see-through Shotgun(God knows why he didn’t think to use it) & a Spring-Powered pistol. Now we were outgunned. I steadily moved up & saw them zipping left & right. I pulled out my pistol & fired at them, to no avail. I heard in the background a dad comforting his kid, telling him we’re just playing a game. they quickly was overwhelmed, & I fell back(for the record, I don’t retreat, I just move when my cover is exposed). I slid behind Andrew’s mom’s car where he was & we fired at the enemy. When they starting to close in, he yelled out “NOW!”. All the sudden, a kid(our teammate) popped out over the the corner of the house adjacent to us w/an Khaki M16 & fired at the enemy. He was short, whore jeans, a green T-Shirt w/a Khaki vest over it w/four extra clips in the compartments & a pistol holstered & goggles. They quickly retreated, half of them were lit up in the process. I got up & shot down some of the runners. They then had to evade an incoming car & realized we should continue this war somewhere a little safer. The rest of the war was around Andrew’s house, & the Second Battle we started in the incredibly easy to defend backyard(Andrew’s house advantage). Before the battle started, Andrew’s dad came in the backyard & was shot by the kid. Thankfully it was from a distance & he accepted his apology. The Second Battle didn’t have anything exciting, & we won again. The Third Battle started with there forces invading. The kid was pinned down behind the trailer & car & I went over to help him. I ran over to the side between the trailer & khaki brick wall & shot their retreating leader(I did’ t know why, I just fired anyway). He skipped upward & yelled out “Ah, I’m Out, I’m Out!”, which explained a lot. The kid just shot at the closed wooden gate in suppression fire for most of the rest of the battle. Andrew stood near a tree a distance away shooting “at” them & doing nothing. I ran to a corner of the house a foot-&-a-half from the gate. I looked over & saw one of the enemy players on a steeping letting him aim a pistol at the kids head. I quickly pulled out mine & fired. The millisecond afterward he looked at me, got nailed in the stomach & fell back. They tried to shoot me, but it was to no avail. Later on, their leader jumped on the gate & lit up the area in front off me. I pulled out my shotgun & nailed him in the face, hilariously sending him to the ground. Shortly after, they asked to switch sides, so we did since we won the first 3 battles. At the start of the Forth Battle, we krept through the gate & went in against the wall of the corner I was behind. The kid was in the front, I was in the middle & Andrew was, of course, in the back. We slowly moved up, but the kid stopped, seemed startled by something. He looked back & said “I just got shot in the head : ))”. We started giggling w/him, but was interrupted by a bee-bee into my knee. I knelt down in pain & yelled out “Kill Them!” & we immediately opened fire. We were quickly overwhelmed, & fell back. Andrew tried to get me to go back in there & distract them while they sneaked around a passageway the enemy aren’t aloud to use. Eventually, we decided I shoot them from the step the other player was shooting from last battle. I did that & was getting shot at from a guy in the way back. He looked so much like a terrorist it wasn’t even funny, He had an assault rifle & a face mask, & just a red T-shirt & jeans. His shots were incredibly easy to evade. At one point where duct under 4 bee-bees, I yelled out “Oh You Wanna Mess Bro!” & continued firing at him. I then heard a faint laughing from behind me, looked back & saw an old couple watching me. As I was thinking “What The F**k?” I turned back & was able to evade another spray just in time. My teammates came back not getting anywhere, & Andrew tried to get the kid to go back there, saying “‘Cause I’m Bada**” & Andrew replied “Yeah, Mitchell’s Bada**”, which was nice. “You Want His Automatic?” he asked. “Naw, I Don’t Think I’m Gonna Need It”, & I was so wrong. I walked in, their leader popped over the corner & shot at me. I immediately jumped up against the wall & shot him down. “Get To Cover!” Andrew yelled out, I replied “There is no cover!!”. I then saw a lone recycle can & dove behind it. Whether or not that was mistake I’ll never know. Because I was crouched behind it so perfectly, the bee-bee’s of two assault rifles either bounced of the corners of the can or hit right next to my head & rained down on my shoulders like machine-gun rounds. I took my weapons & fired at them. I blew apart their leader w/my shotgun & lit up the other guy w/my pistol. the other 2 & the leader didn’t respond most of the time, so what I was doing was working for my teammates. Eventually, realizing that what I was doing wasn’t working very well & I was probably running out of pistol rounds, I fell back. After reloading, the kid came back, but there was something wrong. “Where’s Andrew, & Where’s Your Automatic?”, he just had his pistol. Before he could tell me, the entire enemy team burst through that gate & all line up against a truck, automatic gunners to the ends. I immediately jumped up forward & darted behind the huge tree in front of me took cover. I shot at them w/both weapons, & the kid helped, but to no avail. All the sudden, my shotgun clip wasn’t working right, & while I was fiddling w/it, their line spread out. They got me 4 bee-bees on each side, I grunted out in pain & darted for the Garage corner. It was like one of those moments in a Call of Duty Campaign where your taking an occasional round to the back but your not dieing. I occasionally fired a round behind me & continued to run. Right when I got to the corner, there fire caught up w/me & I took 7 bee-bees up my body, I spiraled to the floor & backed into the garage on last stand. They weren’t aloud to go into the garage, but I’d figure they’d probably shoot into it as a loophole. I looked back at the kid, & he looked at me w/a strait face as he pushed the garage door button. The time it was shutting were the longest seconds of my life. The second after it shut & I got up in pain, Andrew burst in from the house w/the kids M16. “What Happened? I Was back There & All The Sudden Everyone Was Gone” “They Burst In Our Base & I Got Shot 15 F***ing Rounds, Where The H*** were you?” I yelled. He sighed, “It Doesn’t Matter, Come on We’re Gonna Take This Round Back”. I sighed & we started to reload our pistol considering I dropped my shotgun since I found it useless at the moment. Andrew was spying on them through the window when we were ready to attack, his dad walked out the front door. Five shots were fired & we heard him yell out “Alright, That’s It, Everybody Out!”. Like that the Battle ended in our only yet horrifying defeat. We walked out & talked w/the enemy & everyone started pointing guns at each other shortly after. I had my reloaded shotgun & pistol pointed at 2 targets to my left & right a pistol at my face. We put them down & laughed shortly after. They were thinking of different places we continue, but there dumb suggestions like “Saugus High” weren’t getting anywhere, & it was 6, & people started leaving. So I just picked up my gun & ammo & started walking down the street. I then heard a faint ‘pit’ ‘pit’ & realized they’re shooting at me. I figured if I turned around it would give them enough time to actually hit me, so I just continued down epically. I got home & told my brother the whole story, & my dad test-fired my gun. It worked, which just figures, & my shower was ‘fun’. The End : )

  5. The first airsoft game of the day at an airsoft park was a multi-team game. It was two, on two, on two, on two. Me and my friend Gage were teammates, we spawned next to what everyone at the field called “The Fort.” It was a half square with the back open.The back part that was opened was facing the back of the park were the field ended, the front closed of area was pointing toward some buildings. The park was very CQB. It was my friends first time playing ever and had rented a gun. It was a metal AK-47 an he had no idea how to put a new mag in. (For all the people that don’t know, with an AK-47 you have to put the mag in at an angle.) When the round started Gage got the first kill of the game. I had one of my old guns that was a plastic M16, I now have a full metal trademark M4 COLT. At this airsoft park one hit anywhere and your dead. I surrendered about two people, then Gage had to re lode and couldn’t get the clip in. As i helped cover his side a guy ran up and I pined him at cover. Gage finally got his clip back in and we were flanked and surrendered us. Thankfully we had one re spawn. So me and Gage got back to re spawn. Little did we know there were only two people left. We started heading through buildings clearing them, when I went outside one building, turned a corner and saw an enemy and yelled surrender! She went out and it was two on one. She looked new to airsoft so I didn’t say anything when she shouted out ” There is only one more!” The fact that she was wrong and it was me and Gage also helped. Dead men don’t talk! Gage was inside the building and i was still outside it next to the doorway. As I heard shots hitting the wall in front of me I knew what was going to happen. He was going to continually spray the wall till he neared the corner so that he would get the first shot. So in a flash I shot one single BB and jumped back into the door way. That single shot had hit him right in the knee before he even saw me. After that game ended people were impressed because we were the youngest ones there. Me and Gage were only 12.

  6. My first game was at little CQB field and it was amazing. I was of cousrse one thoose annoying kids who was affraid to move up past the spawn but lots has changed now

  7. Before I begin, I want to say that we don’t have wars, we have games. War is a terrible thing where good men die defending their country and/or beliefs.

    My first Military Simulation GAME was at Futureball in the SE portion of Michigan. it was the 12th of March 2011 and the field was covered in snow.. We fought back and forth pretty much all day over a bus that had been converted into a wooden fort, and even when we got completely outflanked, we held our own.

    About halfway through the day, about a third of our team had left because they were cold, tired, or had mechanical failures. But my squad held out. Long story short, we got destroyed for the rest of the day by the better equipped team and the team that outnumbered us by nearly 2:1. As we left soaked, cold and beaten, we all agreed that this was the best worst game we ever had.

  8. I was at a paintball/airsoft mix field and after a short warmup game of airsoft one of my fellow players got into a fistfight over which sport was better. I was pretty funny. After a couple of us pulled them apart they decided to go paintball vs airsoft in a 1v1 match. The airsofter won.

  9. Ok, so my brother had 5 of his friend over for his birthday and I was going to get out of their but my friends had work or do homework so I join in their games of airsoft and the one game it was my brother and I vs. all 5 friends we got to pick the side we wanted I know that they were going hit us from and my M16 was running out of battery so we couldn’t have a long fire fight so I told me brother to tack one side and I would tack the other when his friends came one had a M4 I tack him out first and then I hear the loud boom of this CO2 pistol that one of his friends have and then I hear the shot hit the tree I was using as cover. I’m like dam they kill him faster than I thought they would and then I hear my brothers gun go and then I’m oh good and then I hear a ton of bbs hit the tree and I look and dam he shooting at me I did not think I tack my M16 and fire and tack out his friend with the CO2 pistol tacking out my pistol and fired at my brother making him find cover and giving me the chance to run for better cover but I did find any so I run in a field which was not a good idea because it was madder than hell but they did not come in the field so it did work but as I said before my M16 was running out of battery and so tack out my pistol and use it as a sniper and slowly I tack out my brothers friends and himself all the time they were shooting back that me and I could see the bbs fall all round me then it was 1 on 1 and I had to reload and as I was doing that the last kid was still shooting at me and then see me reloading and runs right at me I put the last bb in the clip and put the clip back in and fired without arming and shot him in the head I did win but the kid did get to shoot me because of the headshot.

  10. My favorite game I have ever been in happened yesterday at a CQB field when I was using my custom G&G GR15 Raider. My team and I got pinned down by our respawn in a group of small buildings. My team moved up and ordered me and another guy to hold down the buildings we were in. As my team moved up me and the other guy gave them covering fire through a couple windows. The guy told me to watch the entrance of the other building. So I walk into the building and stand in the corner looking out a window across the room. As I’m paying attention to the window all of a sudden an enemy player walks through the door followed by another. Since I ways in the corner the walked right by me. “Surrender!” I yell at the guy in the back. He then says “behind you,” to his teammate. To Late. “Surrender!” I yelled to the other guy. I had done this just in time to save my teammate who was still in the other room very alerted now. I rush in to the building he was in where he tells me the plan. He was in the middle of saying something when “Bang!” he was shot from someone in the building I had just came from. My teammate walks off the field. I waited a couple of seconds and jumped around the corner and shot the guy that had hit my teammate. But that wasn’t it. I could see the barrel of a gun sticking out the doorway in the corner from a guy trying to take cover in the corner. I was at an angle and I suddenly saw a guy through the door next to the enemy huddled in the corner I shot through the small gap of what I could see and hit him. Now I had to take out the guy in the corner. I moved to different angle and shot him right in the hand. I rushed through the doorway to take care of anyone else that might be there. I rushed up to a bigger building where I heard someone through the window. I was then the last one on my team so I had to be very stealthy. I ran to the other side of the building and stuck my gun through the window and put one shot into his skin. I then ran back to where I had first heard the guy on the other side of the building. I crouched behind a small wooden palate. I slowly peeked over the top where there was an enemy waiting for me. He shined his flashlight at me and started firing at me. I quickly dropped down and popped back up and shot him on full auto. Right after that I heard someone behind me yell “Surrender!” I turned and saw him about 35 feet away from me. I shot him and said “You’re way to far away,” which is completely true. He was 30 feet away from me ATLEAST. I ran across the field and looked through a small gap between the wall a building, I could see another player. It looked like he was watching the wall, he wasn’t doing anything. I shot him once right in the plate carrier. RIght then someone started shooting at me from across the field. I quickly switched targets and put two rounds into his leg. That’s when the ref said over the intercom “Wow! This guy is on a roll! And that’s a win for red team!” I was smiling for the rest of the day. All of this happened in less then three minutes and I had gotten ten guys by myself. It was Me vs. Ten. And I won.

  11. one of my favorite troll moments i had was when i was at a local cqb field. the field is broken into two sides by a long wall. It was me and my friend (we are on a team my team). But it was his first time at a cqb field (not for me tho). But our team has practiced drills for months. there were 10 people there four of us that have played airsoft for ever (me my friend and 2 others). and 6 new players. they were all together. they did not act real pro because they were talking about how its just like call of duty. me my friend and the other to good people. were laughing. so we got into the arena and we were going to play team death match 2 spawns. as we went to sort out team they wanted to be on one team. so us four let them. they went to the far spawn and we took the close one to the entrance. us four knew the field like the back of our hand. the plan was me and my friend took right the other good players take left. over the loud speaker the reff yells 3-2-1 GO GO GO me and my friend are doing the leap frop method. we get to center field there was one enemy was on our side. i took care of him. the we moved by there spawn. I took one of my thunder Bs and threw it to were all of them were sitting. im ready for it to go off and it doesn’t. so i yell boom like at a normal voice. they got scared. then the other two people on my team get them pushed behind one bunker. so i pull the pin on another thunder B. i over threw it but it was still by them this time they thought it was fake. so when goes by it just before he went o pick it up it went BOOM and threw powder and bbs everywhere. he was out. then my friend picked them all off with his gg m4 one like the one i was using. they get to their spawn box. i let my team surround the box. then i yell I DON’T TO SEE A AIRSOFT GUN OR I WILL SHOOT. They all came out single file without guns. they lined up against wall ready to get pat down. me and my friend held our airsoft guns at them well the other two of my teammates pated them down . l felt so bad for them but inside it felt awesome because i trolled them and now get a lot of respect from people at the field now.

  12. My first kill was at my first war there was about 20 people and all I had was a spring desert eagle (I now have a M4 and an USP.45) there was a small island in between a creek and I had gotton on to it I spotted a enemy behind a tree who hadn’t seen me he began to look my way and I dove by a big rock before he could see me I then popped up and put one in is arm and in his chest than ran as 3 guys with rifles spotted me I didn’t get any more kills that day but had a good time. My best game ever was when I had my M4 and me and my freind were playing against 6 others, we were entrenched in a creek we were almost out of ammo and we had a cache of ammo in the open we made a plan and I gave a war cry as I dashed for the ammo bag my friend gave me covering fire and as 4 enemies popped out from behind trees I shot 1 then another and the other 2 turned to run and I hit one in the head and the back then grabbed the bag and slid back to cover and reloaded. We then killed the other 2 and one.

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